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Friday, September 11, 2009

Harbingers of Adulthood

Harbingers of Adulthood

One of my fellow teachers here at Rosslyn has gone back and forth between Michigan and Kenya a few times. This last time on their way back to Kenya her kids asked her what she was most looking forward to here in Kenya, her response, ‘Househelp.’ Labor is inexpensive here and most westerners employ people in the interest of providing a job and having some help doing tasks that take monumentally more time here than at home. Our househelp is named Mary, and she is wonderful, I don’t think she has any idea how much easier she makes my life. Anyway my co-workers couldn’t believe their mother’s response; they thought she would say, the animals or the mangoes or something else. I laughed because I totally understand their mom, and this is such a juxtaposition of adulthood and childhood.
Every now and then something hits me on the head and makes me think, ‘Oh, I am all grown-up.’ Here are some of those things:

1. Christmas or your birthday comes around and you can’t think of anything you want.
2. Or your Dad asks you what you want and all you can think is, ‘sheets.’
3. It’s two weeks to your birthday and a friends asks you want to do and you don’t know because you didn’t even realize that your birthday was coming up.
4. You wake up before your alarm clock and you consider getting up because you can get a few more things done.
5. You can’t, actually can’t, sleep in past 8am, unless sick or pregnant.
6. You see college age girl your first thought is, ‘she doesn’t even have hips yet.’
7. You would rather rent it from blockbuster.
8. You feel guilty when you let other people do more work for you.
9. You look at pictures of yourself in college and high school and think, ‘I was skinny, what was I thinking?’
10. You get excited when you think about organizing a new part of your house.
11. It’s almost as much fun shopping for someone else as it is shopping for yourself.
12. You’ve decided it doesn’t matter what’s trendy, what’s trendy is what doesn’t make your butt look big.
13. You actually know what colors look good on you.
14. You do think actresses and models look too damn skinny.
15. You see a handsome man on the street and instead of being attracted to him you think, ‘Yeah, but can he cook?’ Or, ‘That’s nice, pretty doesn’t change a diaper at 3am.’
16. A night out with the girls still gets you home by eight or nine.

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