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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


So many of you don't know this but all these notes that show up on Facebook are actually my blog called redearthsafari. I created a blog while living in Buena Vista when I had enough arrogance to think that the people of the internet needed to know my thoughts. I forget what I called it, something touchy feely, I think. Anyway I wrote on it maybe three times and then stopped. We started redearthsafari when we moved from Colorado to Kenya to keep in touch with people in the states. In a stroke of marital acquiescence and genius Scott allowed me to call it Red Earth Safari. I think he was doubtful about the name, but he loves me and knows when to pick his battles. I like this name for four reasons: we were moving from one place with red dirt to another with red dirt (if you have ever gotten either in your socks you know what I mean), I like using earth because of the global ramifications, red is a powerful color in our culture it stands for passion, anger, and love, and safari means journey in swahili.
I thought to myself that once I return from Kenya to the US maybe I need to change the name. Then I thought, 'no,' because anywhere we go in life we are on safari, and let's face the chances of Scott and I settling down to live somewhere for a really long time may never happen. We're just that way.
You may be asking yourself what happened to Scott and the keeping in touch with people? Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllllll, I am that arrogant to think people need to hear my thoughts. I kid. I'm creative. I read a lot. Always there are these little pieces of literature bumping about in my head. Sometimes I find myself narrating my own life in my head. Even down to descriptors of things. Kinda dorky. I am just that way. So I started to write them down. On the internet. So potentially the whole world can read them. People have. And then they told me they read it, and that it made them laugh or cry. And I thought, maybe I can do this. So here I am, doing it....

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