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Friday, January 29, 2010


My husband just popped in a Baby Einstein video. Methinks that these will really only teach my child how to watch television. Like those Leapfrog games don't really teach them anything other than how to play a gameboy. That's the real message going on. Then again who am I to talk? How many hours of my life have been wasted staring at episode after episode of Lost and Scrubs (blissful boxed DVD sets, the person who came up with that is either the devil or a saint, I can't decide)? So I guess I haven to pick my battles. I should probably pick those that don't make me into a hypocrite.
I think more so I am resistant to the video-ing of my child because I think it's the beginning of the end. In the last few months of my pregnancy i definitely played the stereo in my car as loud as I could with the most ghetto music I could stand, because I figured at the end of this situation I was going to be listening to Elmo Does Broadway for the next six years of my life, at least. Baby Einstein in the denoument into baby dinosuars and talking trains. Videos that largely make me angry, not sure why, but anger is the response.
I guess this is what becoming a parent is about, in the first week of Emma's life my living room was infiltrated by various forms of cloths, for the wiping up of various bodily fluids. Now those have retreated, as the little bug has gained better control of said fluids, and bright primary colored mats and toys have guerilla-like spread across my neutral colored rug. I know children respond better to bright colors, but what about their parents who have to look at it as well? Do the designer of toys not know what neutrals or tertiary colors are? Because this activity mat certainly does not match my decor. Clashes in fact. They have assaulted the former tidiness of my house and my retinas. You lose your house to this little creature. Our hall is full of boxes of clothes and changing mats. Her closet has vomited out books and sets of multi-colored rings. I've already given up my body to the sacrifice of parenthood, why not my house? Well now there is no denying that a baby lives here.
I glanced over at the tv and these videos mostly consist of people waving toys in front of the camera set to classical music. I could do that. I should do that. But I am writing this instead, hmmmmmmmmmm....

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jessica Readmond said...

I agree with you those movies are creepy. Never could put them on for my kids. But this last month they were recalled because they had originally stated that they would make your kid smarter and someone proved that they actually don't. So you could send that little sucker back to the manufacture and get a whopping $16.00 back for each dvd up to 4 :)