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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Baby Stuff

I was talking to a friend who is due this week. We were discussing all manners of baby stuff. I was asking her if she had this and if she had that and did she feel like she had everything. It’s a daunting task to set up for a child. When I got married I knew what I needed for a house, dishes, and towels, pretty basic stuff. For a baby, I had no idea. I wrote my sisters in law and asked what do I really need? I mean I can navigate through some of it. Of course a baby wipe warmer is a little silly. I’m sure that bottles don’t need a special sterilizer, the dishwasher will do just fine.
I had questions like, ‘what are the best bottles?’
‘What kind of sling should I get?’
‘How many onesies do I need?’
During an overly active preparative stage during pregnancy I emailed friends and asked them what I needed. One told me it’s really your personal preference. I didn’t even know what my personal preference was, that was kind of the point of asking. Now I realize that that so much of this is not up to my personal preference, but Emma’s.
I love the idea of a sling. Strap your baby in and take them anywhere, I mean I live in Africa for pity’s sake! Emma hates them. Screams like I am giving her a titty twister (after all the nursing it would only be fair…), hates ‘em. She’d go in them as a sleepy newborn, now that she has a voice she definitely has an opinion. Emma likes to face out and look around, she loves to be held but she wants to see everything. SO the Baby Bjorn works for her, my very western baby.
Rocking chair? Delightful addition to a nursery, a lovely homey seat where you can rest your wears bones and gently rock your sweet baby to sleep. Not mine, oh no. Too easy. Emma likes to be walked to sleep when she was a wee newborn you could throw her over your shoulder and pace until she passed out. Not anymore, now she prefers to be held against your abdomen facing out. So there you are pacing, both arms feel as if they are going to fall off and you are beginning to face a black hole of doubt that says you will never get this baby to knock off. You think, ‘the nuk! Maybe the nuk will put her over the edge!’ You grab it, it is eagerly received and being aggressively sucked. But now you are holding a twelve pound baby at navel level with one dead arm and holding the pacifier in the baby’s mouth with the other. This situation lasts about ten seconds. You think, ‘The Rocking Chair! Sweet respite!’ You slowly sashay forward to the chair looking forward to the sweet rock. You carefully begin to bend and ease yourself back. And the second your butt hits the edge of the seat? Screaming. I tell myself that she’s just helping me loose the baby weight. I have a quick discussion with Emma about she can’t have both, so the pacifier gets tossed aside and I am back to pacing.
Oh and she only prefers the pacifiers that have the orthodontic shape, everything else gets politely spit back out. And all the fun sparkly toys we got, her favorite things are the used mirror and plastic rings that we got from friends.
So in all the preparation you can do and all the things you can buy you’ll never know till you get the kid. Most likely they will like the cheapest things. Take everything people offer or give you, and then pass on what you don't want.


Rachel said...

Yes...I totally and utterly empathize about the putting the baby to sleep thing. Casey does the exact same thing...and once he is asleep we try to set him down in his bassinet and more screaming happens...what do we do with these kids?? They have to sleep sometime and I think we might go crazy if we have to hold them for 16 hours a day while they sleep! God help us! :)

Anonymous said...

true true Emma is just the copyright of my son,he is 8 months old and he cant just lie in bed and sleep we have to walk him up and down to sleep,he hates pacys,i agree with you on this fully,glad am not alone,people say i have spoilt him with that but i would say no i havent done that he is just being a child