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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy V-Day!

I usually am not one for the holidays. Really of any kind. Okay, I like Thanksgiving, nothing wrong with remembering to be thankful over a grotesquely large meail. Christmas is great, but the commercialization makes me ill. There are certain things I don't like about holidays. Holiday specific clothing for one. Why would I buy a a sweater that I can only wear for three weeks of the year? Have you ever seen a Christmas sweater where you thought, 'Yes, that was a good fashion choice.' I bet you haven't. I pointedly do not wear green on St. Patrick's Day. Whenever I think of people who truly enjoy holidays and all their trappings I usually picture an overly rouged woman, in a red jumper with heart antennae on her head bopping around an office or school with a glittery heart wand wishing everyone a 'Happy LOOOOOOVE Day!'
Sometimes I would wear black on Valentine's Day. Just because. Of all the minor holidays this one is a good one to hate, especially if your single. I get that, I respect that. I spent a lot of Valentine's Days hoping that a mysterious bouquet of flowers would show up. When it didn't I would claim that this was a stupid holiday only created by Hallmark. Which it probably is.
Now that I am happily married and have a child some of the bitterness has worn off and I can appreciate a reason to go out to dinner with my husband. What do I do for my baby though? What kind of cute thing can I do that won't make me feel like a total tool? I like to cook, seasonally appropriate baking! Maybe that can be my thing, I can make cookies and cupcakes according to the season! I can do that, it's food so it's not completely Martha useless.
Our friends, Jill and Nate, just had a baby, and we're on the list to take them dinner tonight. Like me Jill likes to bake, she'll appreciate Valentine's Day cookies. So off I to Nakumatt to buy all the things I need. The only cookie cutter they had in the shape of a heart was roughly the size of Emma's head, I snatched it up because largely I was just glad they had one. I got the appropriate red food color and treated myself to a tub of Betty Crocker frosting (costs about four bucks, so we usually don't buy it). I make my dough last night and per the instructions refridgerate it all night long.
This morning I whip it out eagerly, hard as a rock. Dang. I followed the instructions, I swear. So I left it out near the cooker for several hours until it was once again pliable. I happily rolled it out and cut away. Everything baked up great, now to frost. THis is usually the part of the process where I remember that sugar cookies are the more labor intensive of the cookie family. I had bought 'butter cream' (nowhere in the ingredients does the word butter appear) and realised that this would make the cookies stick together in transit and soon I would have a gooey tower or meteor of cookie-ness, rather than delightful heart shaped cookies. I opted for the icing sugar and milk route. The only available bottle of red food coloring did not have a convenient dropper spout. Only the recent past have I become okay with the color pink. I wouldn't wear it at all from about age ten to about three years ago. I still don't really gravitate towards it. I surprised everyone by selecting pink as one of the colors for Emma's nursery. Only as an accent though, and light pink I still can't do hot pink. I had forgotten in my selection of color that usually red food coloring and white powdered sugar make pink. I tipped the food coloring bottle carefully over the side of the bowl...BLURP! Hot pink frosting. I was too scared to make red because I didn't want it to look like the Texas Chainsaw Cookie Massacre. I started to carefully spread this hot pink concoction on the huge heart cookies. Emma was in the Baby Bjorn attached to my front, this was prime time to coo and bat at my knife. I never make enough frosting. So three batches of frosting later, in varying shades of pink and the last batch with too much milk and the last of the sugar so it was runny and violently pink, I was done. There they are the actual cookies well cut out and nicely shaped, the frosting, almost disastrous. Maybe I'll get better next year......

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