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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Moments of Me

Do you ever have those moments in time where you realize you are truly yourself? I had this thought while watching the movie Seven Pounds. Ben and Emily walk into Emily's studio and she starts explaining all her print equipment. And I thought, "I love that! That moment when you walk into a studio and the smell of the ink and materials hits your nose and you have all these possibilities in front of your face, in your hands, and bumping around in your brain." It took me a second to tell my husband this, but I felt like if Scott is really going to know me he has to know this. Somehow it felt integral to my being. So then I started thinking what are these moments where I feel truly 'me.'
1. Driving a manual transmission on an open road with music blaring.
2. When I pull the wheel on a press across a print.
3. When I toss a chisel into my pneumatic hammer and start that first precious carve.
4. When I cut my angle grinder into a piece of stone.
5. Using my pitching tool to knock off those cuts that I made with the angle grinder.
6. When I'm all by myself in the studio, music blaring, the creation is flowing (whether it's painting, printmaking, or sculpture). Especially late at night when I have that crazy high of what I'm doing is more important than sleep.
7. That first hit of my paddle in the ocean.
8. When I reached that moment of flow during a run, that point where you feel unstoppable.
9. Apron on, elbow deep in some kind of dough or batter.
10. Hiking. All of it.
11. Lost in thought, composing some kind of description or moment in time.
Geez, look at all the art...
So what are yours? What are your moments when you feel that you are most yourself?

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I. love. this.
Moments of me -- something a mother needs to work especially hard to find, as she becomes lost in the needs of her children. Sometimes even the memories of those moments can help you make it to the next stage of life. Hold on to them. Your time will come again.