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Friday, March 19, 2010

Nairobi Nights

A quick account of a night in the life of Scott and Lara:
7:00-7:30pm: Emma goes down peacefully.
9:00pm: I pump while we watch episodes of 30 Rock or House or read. My body has become so used to this that if I don’t I am exceedingly uncomfortable. Can’t really go to bed early because of it.
9:30-9:45pm: I throw in the towel and slink off to bed. Scott follows after he finishes a chapter in a book.
9:46pm: As my head hits the pillow I realize that the next door neighbor’s thumping music is too loud, there is no way that I can sleep through this. I roll back out of bed and knock on the door. I unlock the padlock on our door and knock until I get an answer. “Hi, I am so sorry, can you turn your music down?” The reply, “I’m sorry I didn’t know it was so loud.”
9:51pm: My hits the pillow again. I sigh and settle into place. I hear a new thumping, it seems the downstairs neighbor is watching Jurassic Park on surround sound. I give up, I roll over and grab my earplugs off the bedside table.
9:51-11:11pm: I lie there, earplugs in place. Rolling this way and as different parts of my body take turns going numb on our expensive but cheaply made mattress. Might as well get up and pee.
12:34pm: “Bowrohr-rohr-rohr-rohhhhhh!” I awake confused, why am I awake? “Rohr-rohr-grrrrrrrrrrrr!” Ah, the neighborhood dogs have found their voice. I am sweaty and hot and confused. Scott gets up, bats the mosquito net out of place, “I’m gonna sleep on the couch.” I nod and roll over.
1:02am: “Dunh dah dah!” My cell phone beeps. Someone in the US has texted me. Not gonna answer, would only be angry…
1:21am: “Anh, ahhh, unh.” Emma is awake. I sit up and grab an extra pillow and place it across my lap. Scott stumbles in carrying her little body. I lift up the mosquito net, he passes her under and places her on the pillow. She grunts and does little baby crunches towards my belly as I rearrange my clothes to nurse her. She latches on to my stomach before I can get properly organized.
1:22-1:43am: I nurse her. Is that Jurassic Park that I hear? Yes, yes it is. Scott has flopped onto the bed beside me. I whisper, “she’s done.” He lumbers up and comes to my side of the bed. Lifts the mosquito net puts his head and shoulders underneath it and collects the baby, I pull the net off his head. A few moments later I hear Emma’s mobile and nothing else.
3:57am: Why am I awake? Might as well pee. Scott’s half of the bed is still empty.
4:33am: Scott is standing outside the mosquito net shaking my foot and holding Emma. We perform the same rehearsed mosquito net baby passing ballet.
4:44am: Wait do I still hear Jurassic Park? Yes, yes I do.
4:57am: “She’s done.” I glance at my cell phone. Maybe I’ll get two more hours ‘sleep.’
7:44am: Grayish light peeps into my bedroom. I hear coffee grinding. Emma is still asleep. I decide to get up now to give myself a moment with my husband and my coffee before she’s up….

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