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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Moving on up...

We have left our old apartment, we have made the transfer. The first move in our trek home. We are now mooching off of our friends (the Nippers) hospitality and staying in their home that they have abandoned for the summer. In two weeks we go to South Africa for six weeks (no, not for the world cup).
Moving internationally is a strange feeling; it’s like a going out of business sale. Everything must go!!! All the things that you would just keep and load into a Uhaul we have to sell or give away. If it doesn’t fit into a suitcase it’s not going home with us. Then there are all the little things that you would just shove in the corner of some box or basket and take with you, like a half-empty container of Q-tips, if I was moving across town I would take it with me. I’m not taking a half empty box of Q-tips across the world with me. It must go.
Our stuff left our apartment in shifts, on Thursday our friends from Tanari came and took our refrigerator, stove/oven, and television as well as all our Tupperware and baking dishes. No more cooking for a few days. On Friday Rosslyn came and took all the furniture that they had lent us for the two years; an extra bed, our love seat, a chair, three small tables and a bookshelf. Then on Saturday people that had bought the rest of our furniture came and got it throughout the day. Our bed to the librarian at school. Emma’s crib to some fellow missionaries, pregnant with their third. Our couch, Emma’s dresser, and the dining room table (that was brought from England and had been in Scott family for a few generations) to a doctor we had met through a connection at Rosslyn.
Those three days were spent in an odd kind of limbo with things slowly disappearing from our home. We ate out for almost every meal. Our clothes started to throw themselves out of dressers and onto the floor. Gaps developed in our house as furniture disapeared.
On Saturday we said goodbye to the Nipper’s and took up space in their home. We reveled in the use of their washer and dryer, we felt like we were on vacation because we could have hot showers with water pressure. Hot water came right out of the tap, we no longer have to boil water to wash dishes.
On Sunday we woke and starting trying to ‘organize’ our life. This was hard considering that the places where all our clothes and food would go already had, rightfully so, our friends things in them. I spun about the house trying to figure out to put order to our piles of stuff and bags belongings. I stood with a pile of my clean clothes in next to the master bed and I thought to myself, what if? I leaned over and carefully opened one of their dresser drawers, something I had been so careful not to do…
“Scott, they cleaned out their dressers for us!” I was so excited, I could put something away. I could make a little bit of sense of our lives. I could put away something, just for a little while…

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