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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Week One

Yesterday marked the completion of my first week as a stay-at-home mom. Friday was my last day of school for a long time. Now this was an unusual week because we moved over the weekend and we are staying in a house that is not our own. It's hard to process what my life will really be like as a SAHM because these are slightly unusual circumstances. I am also still in Kenya, and my career as a SAHM will be largely in the US.
I have put together a few thoughts on what my life will be like and things to do to keep myself from going crazy, and promises to make to myself (which I will have to watch to not beat myself up when I break them).
The First Observation: I haven't had a full length mirror in my home for three years. Keturah (the matriarch of the house we are staying in) has one planted right at the end of her main hallway. What have a noticed from this: NONE OF MY CLOTHES FIT ME. Because of what handwashing and line-drying does to clothes here most of them are faded and pulled in wierd places. Also because of my developing nation diet and nursing I am one size smaller. As another friend stated, 'A great problem to have.' So I need new clothes. I think to myself, 'what is my new look going to be?' I already post-partum freaked out on my hair and cut it off. I realise that my work wardrobe doesn't really work anymore (baby food on pin-stripe trousers, not so much), so what am I going to wear so that I don't feel like a sweatpant wearing schlub all the time? I can't shop yet, so I find myself salivating over and I think that I will avoid the t-shirt and maybe invest in these new-fangled camp shirts that they have now...
Second Observation: I can't do everything every day. If I do laundry every single day I will feel like I AM ALWAYS DOING LAUNDRY. I think I'm going to have to go pioneer on this one, I love Laura Ingalls Wilder and her mom had days; washing day, baking day, laundry day, etc. I think that I am going to have to do that, Monday is shopping day. Tuesday is baking day. Wednesday is laundry day. Or else I will spend all day spinning.
Third Observation: I need to enjoy my baby. She is at the stage where she wants to be held all the time. Especially when Scott leaves the house. So instead of rushing around trying to bake while she is making whining noises while playing, because she'd rather be held. I should just put baking on hold, wait till she's napping, and HOLD HER. This occured to me while running, she's not going to want to be held forever. I should enjoy this cuddly stage now, because when she's a crazy toddler I am going to miss this tiny, sweet, cute, 'I need you and can openly express it,' snuggly stage.
Fourth Observation: Today is Saturday, a day off. I already went grocery shopping, will clean the kitchen and am hosting a friend of Scott's. I don't get days off anymore. I need to take moments off. After I got home from shopping instead of rushing around to put groceries away I sat down. I took my reward cup of coffee, sat down at the computer, window shopped online, and wrote this blog.
There it is, my first week 'not working' anymore. But, oh, how much work it was.

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Unknown said...

all awesome, totally true observations! hope you get to have lots of fun with emma in the next stage of life. item#5 hang out with other SAHMs :)