And for once I was SuperMom

Friday, July 30, 2010

We've done been jet lagged...

Written on July 30th about the experiences of that morning...
At 4am this morning i slowly began to realise that i was no longer sleeping. With my eyes closed my thoughts came out of a dream that heavily featured the Lambrusco that we had drank a few nights earlier. I thought to myself, why am I awake? I carefully, with trepidation, did the math, at four this time it would be two in the afternoon in Nairobi. I laid there in denial for an hour, until Emma started crying. I got up nursed her and popped her back in her new beautiful crib, handed her the blanket that is usually recieved with a sigh and a snuggle as she passed off to sleep. This time she tossed it aside and began crying loudly. I hemmed and hawed for a few moments and then picked her up and left her new nursery. Apparently today was my turn to get up early with the baby. I guess i was up already.
I took her to the kitchen and found 'toys' for her (bottle lids and tupperware) plunked her down on the ground and began to make a french press of strong fragrant coffee (a beverage that also featured in my dreams just a few hours earlier). I sat on the floor as the water boiled and watched my baby, who was VERY awake at this time.
At about six fifteen Scott emerged from the bedroom,
"Couldn't fall asleep?"
"Her noises kept me awake."
"I thought I kept her quiet," i grinned sheepishly and handed over my freshly poured second cup of coffee. He took the peace offering and leaned back against the couch.
I started to realise that i finally had enough energy to do some kin dof exercise today. So when later in the morning Emma reached her 'grumpy but not yet quite ready to nap' place i decided to go on a walk. I suited up and as i was putting on my shoes scott jumped up and changed his clothes so that he could join us. We strapped Emma into a baby backpack and headed out of the door. There's a trail right next to my in-laws house that goes in a big circle, which would be a perfect running trail as soon as I have the energy. I suggested to Scott that we do that trail,
"It would take an hour and a half."
"It's only eight o'clock, we've got time," he smiled in agreement and we continued our walk on familiar trails and over oft crossed bridges. I felt the forest dew, wet from the night, soak into my skin and coat my clothes, and did a bit of a revel in the fact that this is my new walk to calm my daughter down. Quite the change from the laps i turned on the neighborhood streets of Nairobi. As we finished our walk and the forest warmed into the day, we could smell that particular smell of the western pine forest, that warm, soft smell that makes you want to lie down and take a nap in the pine needles.
By ten o'clock this morning i had done two loads of laundry, hung a picture, cooked breakfast for my small family and gone an hour and half walk in the woods. Right now as rub my tired eyes and glance at the clock, looking forward to bed, I marvel that it's only two in the afternoon. Jet lag, apparently a mixed blessing.