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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Monitor this...

Fast forward to yesterday: we are in Colorado setting up our apartment:
Because we are living in our in-laws basement apartment (a less crappy situation then you may think) our lives now necessitate a baby monitor. If we put Emma down and go upstairs in their monstrous log home we can't hear her scream. I have been largely opposed to baby monitors in my short life as a parent because we have lived in small apartments, I can hear her. I can hear her shout when she wakes up in the middle of the night, I can hear her cry when she's done napping. I have talked to other mom's about these devices and quite frankly they sound a bit like torture. Devices that map their every breathe. Beep with their every movement. Tell you every time the child might possibly stop breathing. They record every rustle and cough, keeping you awake and vigilant. Or awake and cray-ay-zee.
But we had to get one, because now when she naps or goes down for the night she might be miles away. (Or atleast a few flights of stairs) We purchesed a Safety 1st model that touted it's eco-friendly packaging and energy saving AC adaptor. Plus it was on sale. When I opened itup later that day to set it up I laughed at this re-adjustment to American living. I didn't have to 'set it up,' I didn't have to find a converter, a transformer, a plug adaptor, or grovel around the floor of the room cussing at the lack of plugs in the wall. I just plugged the thing in, that was it. It was glorious.
And the packaging was actually eco-friendly (which may the companies smart way of disguising that they are too cheap to put lots of protective stuff around the device), there was only a cardboard box and a plastic insert to keep it from jostling around in the box. There were no twisty ties, or bubble wrap, or pages of 'we're gonna assume you are a dumb-ass' directions. I found this refreshing, like they were saying, 'hey, you were smart enought to be concerned about your child's safety, you are probably smart enough to figure this thing out.' And, you know what? I am.

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