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Monday, August 30, 2010

Snack Attack

I was reading an article in an un-named women’s magazine, an Emily Post-ish sort of column, and a reader wanted to know what to do if someone kept bringing unhealthy and overblown snacks to their kid’s soccer practice. My first thought was, “Really? This is a main concern for you?” They had a few different responses for this person, two people said that you shouldn’t do anything about it and just enjoy the cheesecake brownies. One person said tell the coach. And the last piece of advice was just enjoy it and next year hand out fliers that outline the type of snacks that would be appreciated.
The two women who responded with, ‘just enjoy it,’ are right on. Since when did snacks at soccer practice become a right? When I read this a light bulb went off over my head, ding, Americans are only concerned with what they want and not the feelings of others. How offensive would that be if I spent all this time baking and then someone told me to stop or the next year handed me some paper that said my work wasn’t appreciated.
Some may think, ‘well what if that mom wasn’t giving those snacks as a gift, what if was in the spirit of competition?’ Really? So in her head she won. Good, my children are just as well loved if I hand ‘em an orange slice. Or, gasp, if I don’t even bring snacks because Americans are overfed as it is.
And the lady who wrote in with this dilemma, who has the emotional energy? You really care what type of snacks people are bringing, enough to more than just go home and gripe to your husband (because that is why they are there, husbands, to keep us sane). Relax, if you really care that much, actually no just stop. It’s not that big a deal. And, yes, I will remind that there are millions of children around the world who would give anything for those snacks, much less the luxury of soccer practice. Nay, the luxury of an actual soccer ball.
Alright, off my box.
What ever happened to orange slices and Capri suns?
And, yes, I know I am in so much trouble when Emma starts playing soccer, a lot of trouble...

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