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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Rules are changing

Today for lunch I filled Emma's high chair full of a smorgasbord of toddler eats (did I just call my baby a toddler?), cheerios, grape tomatoes, sliced turkey, and peices of pasta from last night's dinner. (Yes, she is capable of eating all that stuff at eleven months old, crazy, I know) And she whined. She pointed at my bowl of salad and whined. She pointed at the cupboard and whined. I thought to myself,
'She really just needs to eat what I gave her.'
So here's a thought after a year of just meeting their needs outright, whenever they cry you are there. Instantly with a lilt of their voice they are fed, rocked, changed and cooed over. Babies start to feel comfortable that when they have a need they are taken care of, they ask for food, drink, cuddles, toys, and they get it all. Then we completely change the game on them. When they start to assert their desires that aren't so much needs and more wants we get all, like, 'Eat it anyway, kid.'
For instance: usually when she's playing with other kids she just picks up whatever and starts playing with it. Most of my friends have kids about a year to a year and half old, for this age someone just picking up their toys and playing with them is NOT okay. Quite frequently me or the other mom is taking toys away from the other child and handing them back to Emma, because she's little and doesn't know any better. Right? SO yesterday Emma is playing on the floor of our friend's house and their daughter, Penny, who is about a year and a half, is 'sharing' her toys with Emma. I look over and Emma had reached out and grabbed a toy right out of Penny's hands. Uh, well, no more hapless victim. I took it away from Emma and handing it back to Penny.
So I'm sitting there thinking about all this, eating my salad, while my child is continuing to ignore the food on her plate and whine for something else. So, sucker that I am, I start picking the peas and nice black grapes out of my salad and putting them on her plate. They are GONE, almost instantly. I continue the dance of taking more peas and grapes out and putting them on her plate, she continues to gobble until there are two grape halves left right in front of her. I pick one up and offer it to her, she turns her head away. I look at her and say,
"All done?" While waving my outstretched palms in a circular pattern. She looks back waves her hands and for the first time goes,
"All done." I guess she's growing up.

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