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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanks-doing II

This year instead of just going around and saying what we were thankful for we wrote it down on our place cards, picked them from a hat and then guessed who wrote what. It was adorable, and I loved it. We got to show who well we knew each other as a family and respect our gratitude all at the same time. Scott and I listed the same things, in the same order; each other, our baby, and the hospitality of our parents.
Knowing full well that I set myself up for failure by talking about acting thankful rather than just saying I am thankful, I don't know how well I did on the exact day. I did my requisite showing up in the kitchen and peeling and chopping. I hope that shows that I am thankful by helping rather than just recieving.
My first 'thing' that I was grateful for was my husband. Who do I show him that I am thankful for him? Today Emma woke up from her nap way too early. Scott went down to get her and then didn't show up for quite awhile. I snuck down the stairs to find him sitting on the couch watching football with Emma asleep in his lap. Knowing she needed the sleep to recover from the happy onslaught of cousins I let them be. Returning to the computer I noticed Scott's lunch was sitting uneaten next to the computer. I hate that, countless meals I have left to tend to Emma and then lose my appetite for them later. By the time I took them down to him he was on his way up with woken up baby in his arms. Oh well, maybe I'll get it to him next time...
How do I show Emma that I am thankful for her...I interrupt this blog to go play with my kid. As I was pushing her around the living room in a toy grocery cart that clearly states on the bottom, 'THIS IS A TOY NOT INTENDED TO CARRY CHILDREN,' I realised it reminded me of baby-sitting, when I actually played with the kids. Maybe I should play with her more...
As for my parents? I will keep helping where they ask and let me and hope that actions speak louder than words.

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