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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanks doing

This week Scott's oldest sister with her four children descended upon us. Her children get the whole week of school off so they came out from Chicago to spend a weekend in the mountains for Thanksgiving.
Usually on holidays I like to reflect a bit, but it seems the older I get the more the crush of the holidays overtakes my time. I get caught up in the swirl of turkeys and cranberries and as my time gets swallowed and I am sitting before a turkey dkinner not knowing why. Often after the whirl of preparations we stand before dinner holding hands and talk about what we are thankful for, I come up with something socailly appropriate but true and then we pray and dig in.
What if we actually took the time to think about this tradition, and we remember that is founded on the saving grace of a local people for new immigrants. We pause on this day to be gracious that they fed us instead of slaughtering us. (My family did actually come over on the Mayflower, so if it weren't for the kindness of those Native Americans I might not be here.)
What if instead of just standing around and saying what we are thankful for we did it. What if instead of saying that I am thankful for my family I went out of my to serve them? What if instead of saying that I am thankful for a healthy daughter I gave a donation to a children's hospital? Maybe made it so that someone else could be thankful for a healthy daughter as well. Instead of just saying that I am thankful for good friends I went out of my way to encourage a friend that is struggling?
So now that I write this a day before Thanksgiving maybe tomorrow instead of stressing about getting grandma's stuffing recipe right I can go out of my way to show someone that I am thankful for them. Since I can't premeditate something more grand...

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