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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Black Eye

The week before Halloween I had a shiner. A big black eye. Not in preparation for my costume. My husband put our child down on my goes a little like this:
At about 4:45-ish Emma woke up crying. We had been up most of the night with her, I say to Scott,
"Just bring her in here," so wailing her bring our daughter into the bedroom. I curl up in a ball on the edge of my pillow. He sets Emma down right on my head. Right on the curve of bone above my eye. Didn't drop or toss just set down. Her wailing reached a new pitch, he picked her back up off my face. I lay there fingering my eye thinking,
"Wow, that really hurt, wow, that actually really hurts, I am really kinda in pain here, wait why is she the one wailing? Don't I get to wail here?" The answer is no. I lie back down, Scott puts Emma in between on the bed. More wailing, still not my own, after a few minutes of this I say,
"Okay the magic is over," roll out of bed, find an ice cube and sit on the couch holding an ice cube to my eye. I don't know what your patience is like at five in the morning, but mine is a little short. So the ice cube situation only lasted a few minutes. In this time Scott had managed to quiet Emma down and get her back to bed. I threw the ice in the sink and slumped off to bed.
Later that morning after showering and getting myself ready my brother's girlfriend saw me and thought that I had made an interesting eyeshadow choice. It seems that the baby to the face manuever had given me a black eye that exactly mimicked poorly blended purple eyeshadow. So here she is thinking that either I was trying to be creative or mentally debating if she should tell me that I needed to smudge and blot more. Funny how personal injuries can place people in awkward situations. For about a week after I sported a one eyed faux makeup job, it actually didn't look that bad. Maybe I should see if Revlon sells a 'bruise' or 'shiner' eyeshadow palette.
This is the first time that motherhood has actually injured me, aside from childbirth...but that's a whole different story. So this makes me ask when have you ever actually been bruised by your child? By happenstance, accident, or maybe even on purpose?

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