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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Elk Roast

Today was my first foray into cooking the elk that we helped process. Our friends gave us a cut of the backstrap (steak), a rump roast, and a package of stew meat. Since we've had a lot of soup lately, and the backstrap should be saved for a special occasion, so a roast it would be.
I had heard that to reduce the 'gamey-ness' of a wild piece of meat you should soak it in milk. I don't know why that works, maybe it's an urban myth, who knows? After defrosting the roast I dumped about 3 cups of milk over it and walked away for a few hours. I had a recipe for elk roast taht had very specific instructions like 'sear at high heat in an oven for about a 1/2 hour, then turn to moderate heat and cook for two to three hours.' Knowing that Emma had an afternoon appointment and i wouldn't be around to hover over our oven and baste this low fat piece of meat in butter, I decided to pot roast it.
Here is a miraculous moment, I don't like pot roast. I am usually bored by it, just meat and potatoes? Really? And for a long time I didn't really like cooked carrots. Three strikes, you're out. I also don't like meat loaf, when discussing this with my husband he lowered a finger at me and proclaimed, 'You just don't like it because you think it's plebian.' So? Call me food elitist, I can take it. Anyway the lure of the crock pot won over my distaste for plebian fare. At around 2pm, when Emma was safely stowed in her crib for nap time, I rubbed the elk roast in garlic, and covered it in pepper, slapped bacon across it, surrounded it with shallots, sunk it into three inches of vegetable broth, flipped it on low and walked away.
At five it looked at bit raw, up to high and again i walked away. I do love a crockpot. Did I ever tell you what I did to the one I had in Nairobi, why that's a whole 'nother blog.
I served it with winter vegetable bake and sauted greens, local and seasonable. Quite smugly I may add. And it worked, it was good. We happily ate and talked and there was only enough left for a sandwich the next day.
So my first foray into roadkill eating was successful, but then I covered it in bacon and garlic, how could I really fail?

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