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Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

Last year at about this time Emma was only two months old. I remember sitting in church thinking about being Mary; giving birth in a barn. No one helping you but your shell-shocked husband, who thought about divorcing you because you're knocked up with someone else's kid. By the way, you're giving birth in a barn after fleeing for your life. But think about that, a barn. A nasty barn, on straw, with livestock by you. A far cry from our sterile and beautiful birthing rooms. Then lying my new precious baby in a manger, which is a feeding trough. Can you even think of putting your new born baby in a horse's feeding trough? I can't.
Another Christmas carol struck me this year, 'no crying he makes.' I thought, 'how sad that the writer of this carol thought that the perfect baby doesn't cry.' That's a baby's only way of communicating is to cry. Well taken care of baby's usually don't cry, because their needs are all met. I hope that Mary and Joseph were able to meet Jesus' needs and care for him. But they weren't perfect. I can't even imagine how traumatic that birth would be and I'm pretty sure that had I given birth in those conditions that Emma would've cried terribly. In fact considering the way that my birth went I'm sure that Emma wouldn't have lived and I might not have either. SO praise God for modern medicine and C-sections that save lives. So praise God for healthy children that cry and let you know how they feel. So praise God that we can set aside all the presents and wrapping paper and focus on what is important. So praise God for this day where we all take a moment and regardless of what we believe spend it with family. So Merry Christmas and to all a good night!

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Rachel said...

I always think the same thing about that line..."no crying he makes"...I think it is a silly line too, because Jesus was a real baby, so of course he cried! Oh well...funny though! Merry Christmas!