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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Phone Book Death

This is my mom's response to the blog 'Kleenex Death.'
Hi, I just read your description of Emma demolishing a box of Kleenex.

Just for the record, I let Brett do pretty much the same thing to a phone book for pretty much the same reason. I wasn't getting dressed, I was trying to fix dinner; same issue. I rationalized it by deciding that he was learning about hand-eye coordination. I'm good at that, if you ever need help, just whistle, I can always think of something they're learning that's good.

Here are some other axioms I learned. Quiet is better that clean, usually. Quiet is better than almost anything. Junk food is better than crying, always-especially in the car or on planes. French fries were invented by God for keeping bored children in cars from ruining their parents mental health. Never take a hungry child and coupons on the same grocery shopping trip. Never take a hungry child anywhere, for that matter. Never put siblings in seat belts close enough so they can actually reach each other. Never ask a child if they want to eat a given food; just tell them this is what we're having. You have 2 choices; take it or leave it. Never go anywhere with out food and an activity for your child and a soft snuggly, as well.

Gotta go, I'm actually at work and I should do some.

Love, Mom

Timeless advice, I actually did laugh out loud and actually did read this aloud to my mother-in-love and my husband.
Here are some that I've learned:
1. You want good customer service? Plop that baby on the counter, look frazzled, and smile.
2. Kids freaking out? Change the scenery, go outside, go in another room, go take a walk, or just wander around a store.
3. A little Disney Channel never hurt anyone.
4. Making memories is more important than a clean house or a fantastically organized birthday party.
Since Emma is only one year old that's all I got. Please write in with your hilarious or just completely true axioms!

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