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Monday, January 24, 2011

Game On

Emma started walking about five weeks ago. About two weeks into that my sister-in-law Lori asked me if she was 'getting into everything.' I said, 'no, she's really not.' All smuglike, like, my baby is so great she won't do that. No, she knows 'no.' She's awesome. So well-behaved.
I am an idiot.
Anytime a mother with more experience asks me a pointed question like that, I'm just gonna say,
"Why do you ask?" because she's probably asking because she went through it, and quite frankly, it's just foreshadowing.
What am i in for next.
Took Emma to the library today. Met with a friend, while we chatted in the kid's section. She brought us board books, played with the little bead rollercoaster, threw herself down on the little floor level couch, and she stayed IN THE ROOM. My friend left and I decided to stay and spend some quality time reading to Emma. She loves books, loves them. I have read her the same 15 books over and over again. So new books, fun, right? First I took her to the bathroom to change her diaper because it was giving off an acrid funk akin to eau du sour garbage dump. It was like taking her out of their reminded her that there were other parts to the library as well.
We sat down to read. She really wasn't that interested in any of the fun new books. I let her off my lap, maybe she would run amok in the kid's section again...right?
Game on.
She raced straight for the door, by the time I put the book back in the box and got up off the floor she was around the corner cheerily shouting at her escape. I caught her, took her back to the kid's room. Sat down, still not interested in the books.
Like a boomerang she was out the door again. I think our time in the library had run out. Caught her. Put books away. Caught her. Put the box away. Caught her. Put my coat on. Caught her. Put her coat on. Grabbed diaper bag and we're done.
So is she into everything?
Has she learned to run yet?
Does she delight in exploring her new world.
I'm just going to take a moment of silence to thank the person that invented five point harnesses.
And another for high chairs. Because if I couldn't strap this kid in she would never eat.
I officially am the mother of a toddler.
Game on.

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Rachel said...

Casey has thrown our dog's collar in the toilet, put his hands in the toilet three times, constantly wants to pick up dog food and play in the dog water, and throws everything out the doggie door! I feel for you!