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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Sprout-ing Baby

I'll admit it I have become a regular user of the Disney Channel.
It all happened like this:
Once upon a time my mother-in-law was watching Emma. I left the room for a moment and when I rounded the corner again she was sitting in front of the television with my daughter perched on her lap. My child was enraptured by the cartoon taking place in front of her. I froze I didn't know what to do. Up until that point I think I had let her watch Baby Einstein's only sparingly. Is this the moment, the moment when I say, 'please don't do that with my kid,' that moment, are we here? She turned and may have read the look on my face and said,
"You know, the few times we had a TV when my kids were little I just used when they seemed sick or I needed just get through the 'witching hour,'" I sat down and choked back the face that I wanted to make, usually my mother-in-law is thoughtful in what she does.
Later that week when Emma was acting like she was coming down with a cold I thought I'd try it. I got a sippy cup, sat in her my lap and turned on Sprout, a channel with programming targeted at toddlers. And I became a believer. The shows were actually quite sweet, promoting things like bedtime schedules, solving problems creatively, and working together. As I watched I could tell that most of these shows were written by parents and by my child's reaction I could tell that they were working.
So a few times a week it happens, I Sprout her. She either sits in my lap and focuses on the show or tootles around playing and intermittently watching instead of climbing into my lap.
So here's my question; do the actors and actresses in the show actually enjoy what they are doing? Pasting on smiles, saying silly things, and holding connversations with puppets? Is it fun? Do they do it because they like children or are they actors that just need work? Afterwards do they pull a Crusty the Clown and whip out a cigarette and breathe a sigh of relief that it's just all over or do they look forward to the silly songs and sayings? Or are they just thankful for a paycheck? Because i know that I would feel like a bit of a tool, but then again I'm not an actress and I'm sure that a lot of things 'normal' acting requires you to do I would not be comfortable with, largely I think I would feel like I was still playing dress up and a very elaborate game of pretend. But that's just me.
My favorite is when a regularly edgy and avant garde actor has a kid and then suddenly starts doing cartoon voice overs.
Just a thought....

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Rachel said...

I was just like you, Lara...only letting Casey watch Baby Einstein sparingly...but then along came Sesame Street. And I was able to actually get dressed, cook, or check my e-mail while he was watching! So yes, I too battle with myself in letting him watch tv. But the shows are usually educational, so that's good. I love reading your blogs because I am usually going through something very similar with Casey at the same time, so it is comforting!