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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Post-Christmas Blues

Upon moving to colorado last time we were here one of my new found friends looked at me and told me,
"I don't do January," and I thought,
"Okay, how do you not 'do' a whole month? It's not like we can just flip the calendar forward and go, 'Look February!'" She explained to me that she just goes on vacation for the whole month. Then I lived here a whole year and realised that I am not so sure that I 'do' January either.
During that last year I was sitting in one of the Sunday School classes at church. In the back of the room there was an elementary school issue calendar posted. On each month there was a requisite symbol, apples for September, pumpkin for October, turkey for November. In January there was a snowflake, in February there was a heart, and in March there was a four-leaf clover. It occurred to me right then and there that we invented Valentine's Day and St.Patrick's Day just so there weren't snowflakes all across the calendar. Actually more accurately snowflake, then hard packed pile of snow, and then brown pile of slush.
We have just returned from our three week tour of Southern California to visit my family and friends. When we had breakfast with one of my friends who still lives in San Diego she asked me how my Christmas was, and I said,
"Oh, we're still going. We got two more left." Kinda takes the shine off.
So we return to Colorado and what do we get? Below freezing temperatures all week long. Why? My husband maintains the cold came because sin came into the world. I half believe him.
January is such a let down. It's still cold, but Santa came already, your skinny jeans are tight from too much fudge, and Sprinkles has discontinued their yummy seasonal cupcakes. It's time to take down the decorations. I keep passing mine and thinking, "I should take those down," and then I do something else. Then I pass them again and think,"I should take those down," and then my daughter wakes up from her nap. One year I think my mom left the Christmas tree up until March. I kinda can't blame her. The thing is so much work and then you just rip it right down again. If I do leave it up I feel that ex-boyfriend that never gave up. He just wanted to be friends...
Now I have the emotional fall out from my kid. Right now she's ultra-clingy and way more prone to tears. No more grandma or cousins to play with, just mommy and all mommy wants is a chocolate peppermint cupcake. But, nooooooo. In a few years I'll have the 'But I don't wanna go to school,' blues to deal with. Atleast that they can take out on their teachers. (All the love to teachers right now, keep on truckin'.)
Maybe I don't 'do' January either. Too bad I can't afford a month in Costa Rica right now. Maybe I can just get in bed and never get out...until, 'Look it's February!'

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