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Friday, February 18, 2011

I did the unthinkable...

Awhile back I was perusing and noticed that they were selling re-usable cloth wipes and I thought to myself,
"Now, you've gone too far."
My daughter gets diaper rash like it's her job. When we introduced solid foods I basically gave up, it didn't matter what I did every time she pooped she ended up with an angry red rash. I would change her diapers as soon as I could smell it, and that seemed to not make a difference. Eventually she turned up with rashes that didn't look like diaper rash, little furious red dots. I did figure that one out, the wipes. The only wipes I can use on my babies sensitive bottom are Pampers Sensitive wipes. All natural wipes, don't do it. Any other brand of 'Sensitive' cause those little red dots to reappear.
Now our little grocery store does not carry Pampers Sensitive wipes, so I either have to make a separate stop at another store or drive 45 minutes to the nearest WalMart.
I finally decided to try to make my own baby wipes. I found a recipe for them online. You chop a roll of paper towels in half, and soak it in a solution of two cups of water, a TBSP of baby wash, and a TBSP of oil. They recommend olive oil, but I was all, like, that stuff's expensive, baby you're gettin' canola. I liked them, they were wetter, they seemed to get her cleaner, and they didn't contribute to any angry red bumps.
But then again I wasn't so sure that they were cheaper and they still produce trash. We all know how I feel about trash.
Emma got one particular frightening rash. So I acquiesced and just used water and some baby washclothes until it cleared up.
I guess according to Oprah I had an 'aha' moment. Instead of having to drop poopy wipes into a separate diaper bin, therefore increasing the probability that your hand will land in poop, all I had to do was roll the whole diaper up and drop it into one diaper pail. Just like with disposables. Then when you wash the diapers the washclothes just go in the washer with them. Brilliant!
So far I've done two batches of cloth wipes, just like the DIY wipes they get Emma cleaner and don't seem to contribute to diaper rash. I used the solution from the DIY wipes and just threw a bunch of baby washclothes in an old plastic wipes container. I think next round I may just go buck wild and just use water. Then it's even cheaper and more green. Trashless diapering, who knew?


Unknown said...

This is what we have always done too!!

Beth said...

I just use a little baby shampoo diluted in warm water for our cloth wipes. It's easy and smells nice :)

Sarai said...

I use cloth wipes and I love them- BUT, I also have some Pampers Sensitive on hand, usually for while we're out and about. But I don't like going out to buy them, so I buy them from either (you can sign up for Amazon Mom and get 3 months of free 2 day shipping) or or or Those last three all have free, fast shipping. :)