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Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Meaning of it All

So I was watching TV and along came the commercial about the little boy who goes on stage before a piano performance and then the master pianist comes up behind him and plays along with him, so I'm sitting there all innocent like and unsuspecting, and what did I do? Cried.

So we're catching up on old episodes of The Office and I'm sitting there all innocent like and unsuspecting and we watch the one where Jim and Pam have their baby and what did I do? Cried.

So were watching How to Train Your Dragon, and he finally trains the dragon. And what did I do? Cried.

So I'm watching Pink's new video 'F*ckin Perfect,' because I like Pink and I heard that it was very powerful. What did I do? Cried. Actually that one I think I bawled.

So we're watching the Oscar's, having a little party. Natalie Portman gives her acceptance speech. And what did I do? Cried.

I'm like a frickin' sprinkler. While watching TV my husband will now turn around and look at me expectantly when anything with a baby or child comes on.

I remember coming home from the hospital with Emma and feeling so surreal, a sonicboom had gone off in my worldview. Everything looked different and everything felt like it had more meaning. Each of these moments that before would have not affected me have completely changed in light of the fact that I now have a child. What if my daughter had wandered on stage and that pianist had been so kind to her? I know what it feels like to have a child and the did a great job on The Office of capturing those first few days. What if my child was trying to attempt the impossible, like training a dragon, eh? Pretty impossible, right? And she finally did it? Okay that's just emberrassing. Pink's video? It kills me at the end when the actress mouths the words to her baby, 'You are perfect to me.' Because no matter how much I love her someone will tell her she's not enough, and she won't believe how beautiful and how perfect she is. Natalie Portman's speech? She mentioned motherhood as her most important role ever.

PS: Just got choked up watching Jennifer Lopez's commercial about shaving. Why? Because she's dancing around with her kids. Ugh. I need to be stopped.


Rachelle said...

Love it. I hate to think how motherhood will effect my emotions...I ALREADY have those issues:)

ThaiHoa Burroughs said...

The joys of motherhood. My daughter is 13months and I still cry over seeing things and hearing things like that. You relate everything to your child now that you have one! I also love the office by the way and parks and recreation.

Carrie Rostek said...

I agree with Rachelle. :) Lara, you are an amazing writer!

Katie Coons said...

Um, Lara... this kind of behavior is what tuned me into the fact that I was pregnant. I was crying at Olympic commercials. You might want to check into that.