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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sick and Tired

On Tuesday I came down with a cold or the flu, I'm not really sure. Symptomatically it was a mix of both. So tired I doubted my ability to walk across the room, my appetite had left the room, like the flu, but all other symptoms were like a cold. Sore throat, congestion, and a headache like a icey wet rag had slapped me across the forehead. Anyway, the gorey details aside I was laid out from tuesday until saturday. Sunday was the first day I felt able to leave the house. I had to cancel my commitments all week long. I have never been that sick for that long. Usually I just have to lay low for a day and then resurface after drinking my volumetric weight in Vitamin Water and watching all the Star Wars movies (the real ones, there it is: my inner nerd, you found it)and return to life as we know it. Not so much this time. Especially since I have a kid. I can't really camp out on the couch with a toddler. There are diapers to be changed and sippy cups to be filled. We did have a lot of 'snuggle with mommy time' on the couch watching way more TV than I would normally allow.
It's also February and has been below freezing at our house since November, I have spent an inordinate number of hours inside. Today is actually a beautiful day, it's in the 50's, which now since I am still running a low-grade fever is no coat weather for me. Instead of running outside to enjoy this gorgeous sunny day the vestiges of a headache still cling to my temples and I still mostly feel like sitting on the couch.
Does anybody love being sick? I know I don't, my artistic productivity goes way down, my mind turns to a substance like leftover grits, and empty water bottles, tangled blankets, and used tissues sprout on the floor and furniture like mold. And now toys, when your head is pounding about the last thing you feel like doing is bending over to put blocks away again. Sometimes I wonder though, if a good cold or flu isn't like a fire in a forest. A way of nature rebooting you. The days that I am sick are the days that I break all my rules, I watch TV in the middle of the day, I eat whatever I want, wear pants without buttons, read whatever I want. I'm kind to myself, I don't ask anything of myself other than the bare minimum to get by. Maybe my body and soul needed a week of rest, maybe I needed to take some naps. Either way, I did. Here's to hoping that next week I feel like putting on shoes...

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