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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day Two & Three

Some of you may have read my last post and thought, "gee, two glasses of wine? Is she drinking her way trough this? That's kinda pathetic." It may well be, but here's my problem: years and years of sleeping just fine alone, i get married and suddenly I can't sleep without the dude. I'll get in bed before him and he'll take a half hour or so to finish watching his basketball game or whatever and I will lie there until he joins me, and then within minutes I'll pass out. Go figure. So when he goes out of town I am often nervous that I looking down the barrel of insomnia. I will drink glass of red wine or take a bath and hope that will aid me in husband-less sleep.
I did fall asleep all right on Thursday night. I kept flipping on the light to write ideas for blog posts, a luxury I can't take with another person in the bed. Other than that I was fine.
Emma woke at six this morning, I gave her a drink and then plunked her back in her crib. I wasn't ready yet, and I was pretty sure she wasn't either. She slept until 7:30. Scott is usually the one to get out of bed and get our daughter, so this morning it was me. They have a regular routine of making coffee, drinking juice, and eating breakfast while watching Sportscenter. I hate television in the morning. I do. Too much noise too soon. I don't put up a fuss because I'm usually still in bed, and he just let me sleep an extra half hour.
I made the coffee and gave her juice and sat down with her in their normal chair, it wasn't long before she was pointing at the TV and askin for it. I held her off with books for a bit, and acquiesced to flip on CNN, a little news can't be all that bad, can it. We watched reports on Japan, ate banana bread, and snuggled.
Bibi was gracious enough to watch Emma while I went for a run and showered. I know that I cognitively know this, but it make me more thankful for Scott. I usually run and shower before he leaves for work. He does most of the child watching in the morning. If he didn't I don't think I would get to exercise and I don't think that I would be clean.
Most of the day went as normal, me trying to think of activities to fill Emma's mind and time. Some books, a little TV, some toys, etc.
I felt the first pang of, 'I miss you,' in the afternoon went I checked my phone for a text from Scott.
A friend and her four children joined me for dinner, so hospitality and good friendship distracted me from missing anyone. Her children kept Emma busy and I was glad to focus on someone other than myself.
Friday we drove out to my aforementioned friend's house and spent more time talking. My friend keeps goats, so Emma left the house yelling, 'Maaa, goat, toat, maaa!'
In the evening hour, my favorite time of day, I popped in a DVD of Meet Joe Black, all ready to enjoy an evening of romantic comedy, but didn't make it past the first forty-five minutes. At 8:30 I could barely keep my eyes open. No trouble sleeping last night. I had a moment where I wondered how tired I would be if I had had to go to work and then be the sole bather, rocker, and feeder for Emma.
Today is a much needed day of yoga pants and laundry. I can tell by Emma's extra long nap and whiney, 'i don't know what I want' behavior that she is missing her Daddy too.
This time around I haven't missed Scott as much as I used, I think a little needy person has kept me from being too focused on myself. I am quite ready for his return tomorrow, though.

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