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Monday, March 21, 2011

What to Wear?

When we picked Scott up in Denver we took another rare chance to shop. I walked into the Gap outlet in Castle Rock and I immediately felt overwhelmed. This is what living overseas and living in a small town does to you, large stores blitz you out. I was dazed for the first few moments until could focus and think about what pieces that I don't have. Those items that every morning when you get dressed you think "if I just had a brown pair of..."
As I was flipping through the racks I kept thinking that I needed to buy something different from what I usually buy. Different colors, different cuts. It's in these moments that I wish they had a show where a stylist just descended on you in stores. That out of nowhere Stacey London would appear, whip something off the shelf that I would never think of wearing and it would look great on me. Alas that does not happen.
As I whipped great pairs of slacks and professional shirts past me I thought about this show, Stacey would probably ask me what I did for a living. The first response in my head,
"Chase after a toddler." What kind of wardrobe do you assemble if your main job involves running around in your backyard and getting juice? Probably all the things that stylists tell you not to wear. Cropped pants, flip flops, regular old shirts that you can pull on without thought, clothing that doesn't get in your way when you are washing dishes. I found myself asking questions like, 'How would this look with spit up on it?' or, 'How angry would I feel if I spilled food coloring on it?'
I guess that's what happens when you become a mom you develop opinions on things like sippy cups and baby butt wipes. Your wardrobe also takes a turn towards the dangerously casual. The first few weeks that I stopped working I made some promises to myself like, I won't wear yoga pants outside of the house, I will wear something other than jeans atleast once a week, and maybe sometimes I will wear makeup. I often wonder why I even bother? Why get completely dressed every day if no one is going to notice? Hopefully my someday my kid will notice, and maybe she'll see that I respect myself, and maybe she'll think that I'm more than a juice waitress.


ThaiHoa Burroughs said...

I still dress up most days, wear make-up, and such even to clean the house or the drool off my shirt. Mostly to feel good about me, for my husband when he gets home and not see a frumpy wife, and for my daughter when she gets older and learn it's okay to take time for yourself and look good doin it.

Lara Davis Barnett said...

I agree, I usually give myself the luxury of one day a week where I don't care. No makeup, yoga pants, and no one but my family. my husband has told me he doesn't care if I wear makeup, and the trick with joga pants is that yer butt still looks good;).