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Saturday, April 23, 2011

And we're back.

Our two weeks in Kosovo flew by, each day I kept thinking how fast everything was going. I didn't get much of a chance to post so I will be telling the story of our time over there in the course of the next few weeks or so. One of the great things about visiting people overseas is that you get lots of social interaction, read: not much time for internet. One of the tiring things about visiting people overseas is that you get lots of social interaction. About half way through this week I was running seriously low on interpersonal capital.
Scott is upstairs snuggling with Emma and watching Sesame Street, I have snatched a moment of alone time. Alone time wherein I announce my thoughts to people on the worldwide web, that wreaks of irony really. Speaking of wreaking, it's snowing here so I will spend today in my sweats, snuggling with my kid and washing some seriously manky backpacking clothes. They smell like Hickory Farms Summer sausage, don't grimace, a week in the woods and we all smell like smoked meat. Backpacking is one of the great equalizers of mankind, that, and air travel, but that is another blog.

I spend some solid inner monologue time while I was away imagining how my reunion with my daughter would go. I pictured her stretching out her arms and bouyantly announcing the newly taught phrase,
"I love you Mommy!" I know my mother-in-law has been trying to teach her that all week long. Bibi is a smart woman.
I knew that this scenario had about a 99.9% percent chance of actually happening. One, because you can't control your kids reactions, and two, life never happens the way it does in your mind.
What did I get? Scott got up in the morning when she woke up (we got home 3:45am, but that's another blog), and brought her into our bedroom, and the look across her face when she saw us? Utter confusion. Then she asked for her grandparents. I tried not to take that personally. Emma broke the spell by giving us kisses (I was so nervous she wouldn't respond to my request for a kiss), and then calling us Mommy and Daddy, at which my heart soared. Really we take so little reward as parents, don't we?
The first few moment were so surreal as I was struck by how much her face has changed and how much clearer her speech was. I knew she would change but I wasn't sure how much or how. She has added several new words, including a crystal clear and enthusiastic, 'yah,' and, 'no.' Bibi succeeded in fattening her up a bit, after all isn't that what Grandmother's are for? I am not going to let myself feel guilty for missing two weeks of her life. At least not today.
I suspect the next few days will be rough as she let's us know exactly what she thinks about our departure. Some snuggles here and a temper tantrum there. A fit when one of us leaves the room or a refusal to eat lunch.
Oh well, we're home now and at least she called me Mommy.

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