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Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Little Person

People make so much conjecture about who their child is going to be. From the very beginning relatives were saying that they thought Emma would be like this or that. Newborns don't give much away in the form of pesonality, so I would usually just smile, and say something non-committal like,
"She'll be her own little person."
Emma is starting to show who she is more and more. She seems to love to play with soccer and basketballs, she likes baby dolls, she likes stuffed animals, she loves going outside, she usually insists on climbing rocks and things, she loves to 'draw', and she is pretty social. The other day I gave myself the freedom to picture who I thought she would be at 23 years old. I disapeared ito my imagination and saw a confident athletic women, working overseas, with a hemp necklace, and a desire to change the world. I sighed and shook my head. Because in a moment's time I realized that is who I wanted to be or who I wished that I was at that age.

I think getting myself out of the way and allowing Emma to be who she is and who she wants to be is going to be the hardest part of parenting. Here is this little person who looks like me, I have control of some of the things that I expose her to, I have control of how I react to her choices, and I have this strong desire to do it 'right.' To give her the things I feel like I didn't have. People always make comments about her being a little artist. I almost hope she isn't. Because I don't want comparisons, or competition. In a way I hope that she is something more easily employable, like a nurse or therapist. Something that makes sense in a clear cut way. Again I don't get to choose, and hopefully I can see her for who she is and give her encouragement in the way that she needs it.

I have always viewed her as this litte person unfolding, not a baby or a toddler but this person all wrapped up inside of those cries and giggles.

Moms of older kids, how have you been successful in doing this?

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Anonymous said...

We are always playing soccer, coaching soccer, watching soccer... I keep trying to remind my husband that at some point she really might decide that she might not like soccer! It's true though, I regularly label "how" she is as Q. or me.