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Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Few Minor Changes

I'm going to take a breather from my Kosovo saga to tell you about what is going on in our life presently. Of course it has taken me forever to write this story about our trip overseas, I've been preparing paintings (read: finishing) for two upcoming shows, I have a toddler, we have just made a major life decision, and I have a toddler. Did I mention that I have a toddler?
Did you catch the major life decision comment? What's that? What did we decide?
On Tuesday my husband got a job offer for a position in the greater Boston area. We took it. We have to move from rural Colorado to the east coast in nine days. A completely, out of left field, really?, move.
Other than the distinct feeling that someone has placed me in the bowl of a catapault I am doing fine. Just fine.
Did I mention that I still have to hang an art show on Wednesday, the day before we head out?
Admittedly I'm a bit stressed out.
Our apartment has vomited on itself. All the closets, drawers, and cupboards have been turned inside out, the material contents displayed on floors and counters. Things I haven't seen or used suddenly become something I can't live without. I make the sacrifice and throw it away and then six months later I suddenly want it. Sometimes I hate stuff.
It'a strange to see te detritus of your life scattered about. Is this what makes me? Unused travel bottles, random pictures of people whose name's you've forgotten, half eaten bags of trail mix, etc.
We have startes saying goodbye to friends here in BV. Most friends we will see again, the boomerang force of family will bring us back here again. I said goodbye to one friend who will be leavng BV in a few months, she turned to me and said,
"I feel like I am never going to see you again, ever," she may be right. I cried as she drove away. Every move I make in this world we meet new amazing people and make great friends, and every move I leave these people behind. Some I will see again, and many I won't.
This move is the first move that I have made that didn't seem to have an end date. When I moved to Chicago it was for grad school, a year and a half and I was done, I could go where I want. When we moved to Colorado we knew it was a temporary time before moving to Kenya. When we moved to Kenya we knew we would only be there a few years, just enough time to work ourselves out of a job. When we moved back to Colorado we knew it was temporary again, until Scott found a job. This one is different, the job that Scott took is one that could expand. There might be opportunities for me. We will be right next to the ocean. These are all things that could turn into permanent.
I am excited by this, and saddened by this. I'm excited to move to a more populated area, to move closer to the ocean, to move to a place with more seasons and less winter. I am saddened that we are moving farther away from family, and saddened that this could be it, a death to my wander lust.
As our walls empty and boxes fill up I wonder if I will love it in Boston. I wonder what I am heading into. Will we make friends? Will my daughter grew up an east coaster? Will we move in a few years? Nothing to do but pack and go and find out.

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Traci said...

This makes me very sad and very happy at the same time. I am so happy for you guys and I know it is really scary. Either way, I sure do hope I see you again some day. You are welcome at our house any time you are in Denver.