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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Live Well

I am turning 30 in September. A good friend of mine referred to 29 as the diet 30, I have felt that way all year long. Like, 'let's just get this over with.' This year I have noticed fine lines around my eyes and above my eyebrows where I have never had them before, I have had two pure white eyebrow hairs, my skin has gotten drier and I've noticed a few other minor harbingers of age.
Someone once told me that at twenty you have face that God gave you and at fifty you have face that you deserve. At a dinner earlier this year I was sitting across from two women that were old enough to be my mother, you could tell that one had been beautiful in her youth and the other had been plainer. Yet now the plainer women looked prettier. I have started looking around at women older than me and trying to figure out what are the constants, how do I end up 'pretty' in the twilight years of my life?
1. Find the man that loves you for you. Like your favorite pair of jeans, makes you feel beautiful, fits you perfectly and is effortlessly comfortable (a man that you don't have to try for or pretend to be someone else). When you find that man MARRY HIM.
2. Find what you love to do, find that thing you are good at above all else, that makes you feel like you and then do it. Even if you never get paid for it, do it. The best equation is to find it and begin pursuing it before you have children. If you didn't, still pursue it, it will be harder but it will be worth it, and even if it takes you away from your children you will be a better mom in the end, because you won't resent them or your life's decisions.
3. Don't over pluck your eyebrows, you're gonna want those later.
4. Always keep exploring and always keep learning.
5. Buy good quality shoes and use high heels sparingly.
6. Just live your life; you will get sick, you will get sunburned, and you will live.
7. Know yourself and make your decisions accordingly. Accept yourself for your strengths and weaknesses. Accept yourself as you age.
8. Be nice to your knees, you're gonna want those later.
9. Exercise.
10. Put sunscreen and moisturizer on your decolletage or else it will look like a purse by the time you're forty.
11. Play nice with others. Especially your immediate family.
12. Enjoy your children for who they are, not what you want them to be and try to enjoy each stage as it comes and goes.
13. Don't mess with your hair too much, you're gonna want that later.
14. Eat real food. Not too much. And mostly plants. (That includes chocolate.)
15. Supermodels? What are those?

So I look at this list and hope that I can do most of these things. Some of them I have accomplished. I married a man who makes me feel beautiful and loves me. I have figured out what I love to do and sometimes I actually get paid for it!

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Rachelle said...

Oh my gosh, Lara. Lol. Seriously on decolletage bit. I love this post. I think I really needed to hear it.