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Thursday, July 14, 2011

All Ages Welcome

Some of you know this and some of you don't. I taught Elementary School, Middle School, and High School. People often ask me what my favorite age was to teach. I usually say they all have their benefits, I think older children are easier to teach but I enjoy them all.
Elementary school age children are still often afraid of you, so discipline is easier.
And they're hysterical.
Middle school age students are still childish in fun ways but they are also capable of deep conversations.
And they're hysterical.
High school age students are pretty self sufficient and capable of grappling deeper and harder concepts.
And they're hysterical.
I have realized throughout our lives that we pretty much have the same needs and wants, the behavior just manifests itself differently. We all need attention. So when we are babies we actually cry to get the attention that we need. When we are children we 'act out' when we aren't getting proper attention. When we are in middle and high school we take to all kids of strange behavior to get attention, some of us dress in all black, some of us get really good grades, and some of us go out for cheerleading. As adults we pretend we don't need it, but really we do.
A friend of mine recently said that we are all as insecure as we were in middle school, but we just learn to hide it better.
Living with Scott's parents for the past year I often found myself in conversations with people old enough, literally, to be my parents age and usually I quite enjoyed myself. Since I've had my daughter and am making friends with other mothers I am often around lots of children. This summer my husband and I are living with college students. All of these developments have made me think about how rich my life has become because I have become friends with different people in different age groups. I think as women we become often myopically focused on being friends with people that are only in our age group or are same stage of life. I was actually really hurt by some single friends that cut me off after I got married. And when I was single a married friend that cut me off after she got married. (I actually love having single friends, they have time to get together.)

I think it's important to spend time with people that are older than us because if we can stay still and humble we can pick up on their wisdom.
I think it's important to spend time with people that are younger than us because they remind of us all the energy we had to try new things and do new stuff. If we are humble enough we can allow them to teach us some of those adventurous skills that we never had an opportunity to do (like rock climbing).
I think it's important to spend time with children because they remind us that the world is an amazing place to keep discovering. They remind us to have unbridled joy in simple things.

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