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Monday, August 29, 2011

She Came and Went

Well Irene came, and she huffed and puffed, and she did not blow our house down.
On Friday I was buzzing through the grocery store for some forgotten items, and was confronted with a display of batteries and flashlights. I thought,
As I was checking out I asked the checker and bagger, who were saying that they were almost sold out of water and batteries,
"Okay how serious is this? I just moved here and have never had anything like this."
They both held their hands up and basically stated that people were over-reacting. I looked at the middle aged man behind me,
"Are you buying batteries?"
"Water, but we'll drink it anyway if nothing happens." I turned back to my purchase of food for dinner that night and didn't rush out to buy water. I thought as I walked to the car, well I can always just all Nalgenes with water and we have headlamps. We should be okay if the power does go off for a few hours. Not like that didn't happen to us in Africa all the time.
I didn't though. On Saturday our hurricane preparation was a walk to the library to pick up more books for our daughter and more movies for us. Gordon College had advised it's students to not go outdoors from 10am to 10pm. We thought that sounded like good advice. We had seen that most churches had cancelled services for Sunday, so it seemed that everyone had put themselves on lock down.
I woke up on Sunday thinking maybe I had just better stay in bed all day, but I didn't. I decided that the best way to make this day was to not sit as much as possible. Or else by the end of the day I would have 'lazy fog brain.' I did chores I usually reserve for Monday, like laundry and baking, because what else do I have to do? We watched the Big Lebowski, because Scott had never seen it before and I could work on some art with one eye on it and one eye on my hands. We concluded that this particular movie is better viewed late at night with beer.
We watched the windows to look for signs of crazy weather coming. It seemed that by the time Irene got to our humble home she was a bit tired. We saw a lot of wind and some rain.
Nothing spectacular. Seems she thought that New England couldn't handle a less genteel storm.
My daughter started to ask to go outside in the afternoon. I said, 'not today,' and offered a book. While the weather didn't look too wiley I had a sneaking suspicion that if we went out in it it would suddenly take a turn for the worse.
Seems that other's fared far worse and for that I am saddened.
As for us on this sunny cloudless day we are going to the park.

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