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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Failure to Cookie

I have a sweet tooth, a big one. Actually I have never understood the phrase 'sweet tooth' because really your tongue is tasting the sweet.
I guess I have a 'sweet tongue.'
I have always doubted the people that claim they prefer salty to sweet. Really? If I popped a big old piece of chocolate cake right here in front of you you'd pass it up? For some pretzels? Okay maybe not pretzels, but potato chips. I still don't believe you. Most of all because I have seen those friends of mine that claim they do not like sweets all that polish off their fair share of brownies and ice cream.
One of my afternoon rituals is to put my daughter down, make a cup of coffee and eat a sweet treat. I like my dessert in the afternoon. In the skinnier times of my life I have been able to stick to that. So usually on Monday I bake something, cookies or brownies most likely. Every now and then I try something different from the usually routine of chocolate chip. I had found a recipe in Parent's Magazine for Orange Ricotta Softies. The picture looked like little glazed balls of fluff. Fabulous.
I also had everything I needed except for the ricotta. Even more fabulous.
This afternoon after Emma was down, dishes washed and chili in the crock pot I attempted to bake these cookies.
First I didn't soften the butter enough.
Oh well. I kept going. Then I realised I might not have enough flour. Hmmm, I got in just under 2 1/4 cups. Just like the recipe ordered.
Then I realised I didn't add sugar, I threw it in after the fact instead of beating it in with the butter like you normally do. Okay, maybe they won't be so light and fluffy. I also had bought the wrong size container of ricotta, I bought a 32 oz., instead of 15 oz. So I just eyeballed half and told myself that next week we would have Lasagna.
The dough looked, well, a but runny for drop cookies. I dropped and threw them in the oven for the allotted amount of time.
I checked on them after about six minutes, instead of holding true to their little round shapes like the picture showed, they were oozing all over the cookie sheet like a monster from a swamp. Hmmmm.
I checked the recipe. Oh, 2 1/2 cups of flour. Oops.
I pulled them out put them back in the mixer, probably a mistake and added more flour. But I thought you were out of flour. Yep, I used whole wheat. Because that is what I had. This time around I cooked just one. It did not maintain round integrity but didn't take over the cookie sheet like a swamp monster. I ate it. Not a cookie texture.
So I decided to muffin them.
I know have little orange flavored, dense, muffin shaped things. They are not light and fluffy, they are dough-ish and sweet. I thought about calling them tarts to make myself feel better, but there is nothing tart like about them. The recipe is in the trash. I think they did not have enough raising agent to achieve muffin. They might get thrown away. I did eat most of two of them.
Because after all I have a 'sweet tongue.'


SBethuel said...

Sounds exactly like my afternoon routine! Except my husband currently has my keureg coffee pot at work so I have been making due with tea. I have often said I can eat 100% healthy meals, but will forever be taken down health-wise because I love dessert so much.

Rachelle @ The Shabby Tulip said...

Ha. This is too funny. It actually reminds me of Leslie Q a little. She can bake anything, but ask her if she can bake cookies and the answer is a confident 'no'. Anyway...I have had the whole swamp monster thing happen to a sad batch of oatmeal raisin. Not pretty.