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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fall has Fallen

It's here. Fall has come.
Yesterday I read that it would 65 degrees, in Colorado 65 is still warm weather. In Chicago I never knew what to do with the 60s. And in California 65 was cold. So I didn't really know what to do with that day. So I threw on jeans, my Toms, and I short sleeve sweater. Within a few moments outside I knew my mistake.
Like Chicago 60 degree temperatures are bit confusing here in New England. Moments of warm interspersed with crisp wind. Mostly on Friday I was cold.
Today I went out prepared, long sleeves, vest, and tennis shoes. Too much clothing.

Emma didn't sleep during her nap time today. I let her stay in her crib and talk an extra half hour because I wanted time to myself.
What did I do during that precious time? I laid belly down on our couch.
As I lay there staring at the black screen of the TV I noticed someting. Fall sounds different. Through the cracks in the window I could hear leaves rustling, the swish of cars, and birds. The summer buzz of cicadas was gone. The noise that only adds to the body coating heat of the summer was no longer buzzing away.

As I walked this afternoon, pushing Emma in her stroller, giving her a second opportunity on that nap (which she did not take), I noticed bees and flowers.
Having grown up in a land of forever summer I still don't know how to interact with the seasons. These times for me are strange, the mixture of both. Even the air is both hot and cold.

So far I have been in denial about the coming of colder weather. I love summer, even in the land of forever summer I loved summer. Being cold too long used to sress me out, I would wonder when I would ever be warm again. After months of not being able to feel my nose spring is a cruel and welcome mistress, giving warm weather one day and then a storm the next. Fall is the same cruel lady bringing deep colors, the celebration of harvest, but the end of warmth for several months.

I think these past two days have made me ready. I have accepted it, fall is here. I am ready to light my 'Autumn Harvest' candle and make some pumpkin bread. I've already gone apple picking, who am I kidding?

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