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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mine all Mine

My daughter needs to hang out with more children.
Here's why the toddlerish proclivity towards believing everything is hers has taken a vicious turn.
She mostly plays with adults, this is good because she gets lots of face to face time with people who use full sentences and have no problem sitting there holding a stuffed bunny while she puts different hats on it. This is bad becuase say we're coloring together and she wants the purple crayon? I let her take it, because like I even care, right? Let's just say, hypothetically I made her ask the other for the purple crayon? Full on crying fit. My husband looked at me,
"What happened?"
"I made her ask for the purple crayon," I shrugged.
The other day at the pond I pulled out our bucket of sand toys. At my invitation my friend's son helped himself to a shovel. Emma came screaming across the beach. He backed up and handed the toy to Emma, like,
"Whoa, here crazy lady! If it means that much to you, you can have the shovel."

Yesterday at the library? I look up after being distracted for two seconds and she's screaming and wrestling a train from another child's hands. I jump up and take it away from Emma and give it back to the kid. Oh, the kid was older by the way, and much larger. His mom said,
"Oh, don't worry about it," yeah, that's because you're sitting there thinking, 'haha, my kids the innocent one.'

My kid has turned into 'that kid.' Awesome, I know.
The same friend whose child offered the shovel to keep mine from ripping it from his innocent hands, told me about a joke she'd seen called Toddler Property Laws:
1. If it looks mine, it's mine.
2. If it looks like something I may have had once, it's mine.
3. If I want it, it's mine.
4. If you have it, it's mine.
I know this is pretty typical behavior, but I can't believe that my kids off the wall behavior intimidated another child into giving away toys.
So moms on the North Shore of Boston, watch out there 2'5" of terror coming your way, and she wants what your kid is holding. I will do what I can, but we all know they have little minds of their own....

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