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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Patchy Returns

I may have lost a few battles but I won the war.

Patchy is finished, hung on the wall and done.
We are glowing with pride in the Barnett household. Okay, maybe just me.

Some of you know that I have been trying to turn an old frame into a whiteboard. Last time we talked I had failed at 'antiguing' it in aqua and teal.
I repainted the frame in aqua, back to the drawing board as it where. Moved into the shade, sat down, and moved slowly. Before I tried the teal glazing while standing and moving ridiculously fast, like a woman crazed. I re-sprayed the teal and wiped right after I sprayed. I was much more systematic and slower. The glaze turned out to be too heavy for my liking, but it worked and it wasn't patchy.
Patchy sat in our little hallway for a few weeks. I have a habit of putting a problematic project in my line of sight for awhile until I can figure out what it needs. Rachelle at the Shabby Tulip, in her post about her new door, gave me the idea of sanding it. So I just gently sanded (with 100 grit) the areas that were too heavily glazed.
Patchy began to look a little awesome.

We went back to Home Depot with our tail between our legs to get the 'white board' for the white board. We walked into the Home Depot, and there it was...a child's craft project...they were making WHITEBOARDS!!! I hovered around the worker that was passing them out and asked, where she got that. She said,
"We just get them this way from corporate in the package," and she pointed to a box of pre-fabricated frames and boards. "You might want to try building materials that way," she pointed down the store.

I had seen on a blog that Home Depot carries a product called 'white panelboard' and you can use that for white board. White panelboard is used for shower siding. After wandering the aisles anxiety riddled and walking past some products that looked the youtube video I saw, I asked for help. I asked a man named 'Norm.' 'Norm' took me right back to those products that looked like what I saw, but I wasn't what I saw. The products that they had that were similar to 'white panelboard,' but all had tile-ish imprints in them or texture to them. Not so conducive to writing on them.
'Norm' suggested plexi-glass. I thought, 'hey, that might work.' So he showed me the plexi and left me to decide.
I am potentially the most indecisive person on the planet.
I got my husband. He gave me an indecisive answer and ran off to entertain our child in the window section. I picked a piece of plexi and set off to the 'cutting station,' to get it cut to the size I need.
I stood at the cutting station behind 'Norm' and another Home Depot worker holding my plexi patiently waiting while they actively avoided eye contact with me.
Finally 'Norm' turned and 'helped' me. I asked if he could the plexi. In a volley of words I came to understand that they couldn't use the saw on plexi and 'Norm' didn't really know what he was doing. He stopped another worker and they discussed the impossibility of cutting this piece of plexi-glass. I stood with bated breath, could it done? Had I come this far to not get the second best of what I wanted?
It was deemed that 'Norm' would get a hand held plastic cutter, scour it, and then break the plexi. 'Norm' began this process of scouring and cutting the plexi. This process started to look grim. He kept missing his scoured line, this might have been compounded by the fact that he was using a piece of baseboard as his t-square. After much flipping and scouring he went to break it...
SNAP! In half at an awkward angle. My hands went to my mouth, 'Oh no, do I have to pay for that?' I didn't. I thanked 'Norm' and left him, I think I had caused him too many troubles in one day.

Can getting a white board be this difficult?

I checked Micheal's; the only white board that they carried was too small.

Eventually Scott found one. In a matter of moments he had cut it perfectly so that it fit into the frame without needing any adhesive. Patchy was done.
Scott hung him on the wall. There he was. He was done and, I think, beautiful.
Maybe Patchy is not so Patchy anymore but like an unfortunate nickname given to you in an emberrassing moment in your childhood the name will remain.

Now I just need to go remember to buy white board markers.

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Rachelle @ The Shabby Tulip said...

Cute! So glad you sanded Patchy, and thanks for the shout out:)