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Monday, November 7, 2011

My Eggo is Preggo

Well folks it's time that I announce to the blogosphere that I am pregnant. 14 weeks and counting.
So that should explain the dearth of posts that have not been in the past three months. Unlike my pregnancy with Emma this one has left me either laying down or kneeling in front of the toilet. It's hard to come up with deep insights about the world around you when most of your energy is focused on not throwing up.
Today I am feeling better, it's past eight pm, I am sitting upright and still have enough mental clarity to write.
To I am going to take this time to pause and pontificate on pregnancy and the crazy things we eat just to get through. So, why, mother nature, in the one time in our lives when we are supposed to be eating the healthiest the only thing that I can keep down is french fries, boxed mac and cheese, and Big Macs? Why is that?
One friend told me that all she could keep down during her pregnancy where bagels and french fries.
Another friend asked what is the craziest food that I have plowed through, her example was that in less than a week she went through a 32 ounce Irish Creme flavored creamer. I laughed and said that after grocery shopping I sat in the car and ate half a box of Cheez-it snack mix. I needed a mid-morning snack.
There has also been a lot of late night bacon.
For the first part of my pregnancy I am like a hobbit: second breakfast, elevensies. Second lunch. And it's not just, 'oh I could use a snack.' Nope, I am ravenous about every two hours. And if I don't eat, I puke. With Emma I put on twenty pounds in my first trimester, with this one I skated by with only fifteen. I was so hoping I would do so much better. Apparently I didn't.
I guess it's just what my body needs to do.
I did get, let's call it a bacterial infection, when Emma was about four months old and couldn't really eat for four days. I still had plenty of milk to feed her. So thanks to all those second breakfasts we were okay.
I hate it though, I'll check in with a website to find out how big my kid is getting and there will be some uber perky paragraph about how I might, just now, be fitting into maternity clothes. Thanks scrawny, I've been in them for a month. Or that maybe I even lost weight because I've been so sick. First of all I think that it is sick to let women think that weight loss of any kind is okay during pregnancy. Second, nope, sick as a dog and somehow managed to gain fifteen pounds. Maybe it's all that exercise I haven't been doing....
Then there's the two hour naps I've been taking most days. This from a woman who never naps. Never. Unless gestating.
So, you know, sleeping burns a lot of calories....
The other day we were seated in a McDonalds and I was looking down at the remnants of the large fry that I had just put in their place and said to Scott,
"I wonder how much damage I have done to my arteries in the past few weeks?" He shrugged popped a fry in his mouth and said,
"You'll run it off."
Indeed I will, I will run it all off.


Traci said...

I had a really hard first trimester too. I actually did loose weight because NOTHING sounded good. One night Kyle found me standing in front of the fridge crying because I was so hungry and nothing would stay down. I made up for it in the second trimester though. I ate Mcdonalds double cheesburgers, a fry and a fruit smoothy literally every day of my second trimester.

SBethuel said...

I was the EXACT same way with my last pregnancy. HAD to eat at least evert 1.5-2 hours in order to not be pulling over to the side of the road to throw up...again. I also wanted bad for me food, hamburgers, fries, anything with grease made the sickness a little better. It lasted until 26ish weeks for me. I lost weight in the first tri with both of my other girls and only gained 16 and 25 lbs. This last one? I gained almost 50 - but I am happy to say almost 4 months later I am only 3lbs from my prepreg. weight. So eat, baby obviously needs it. Yay for food!

Staci said...


As for the weight...your body will gain what it needs to gain for least that's my theory. I taught aerobics until 8.5 months pregnant, worked out daily, ate healthy (except for the occasional bowl of ice cream) and still gained 40 POUNDS! Yes...40!!! This happened not once...but with both of my boys! I'm so thankful for nursing and my addiction to exercise to help get it all back off...but my tummy will never look the same! lol They were worth it...

Katie Coons said...

Congrats Lara! I was waiting for this post actually, I had feeling it was coming soon!

I so totally know what you are going though.

Good luck! :)

Katie Coons said...

totally different topic, thought you would enjoy this blog... you've written about sensory experiences with Emma before.

Cerissa said...

I love your honesty is these posts! : )