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Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I did my prenatal yoga DVD, for the third time this pregnancy, this afternoon.
I am not a very flexible person. Usually when I practice yoga I feel like if it's good yoga at some point I should embarrass myself. Or those who happen to see what I am doing to myself out of the corner of their eye should think,
'Oh dear, is she hurting herself?'
'Oh, honey, I just don't think this is your sport.'
That is why I persist at practicing yoga, because it's good for me and I am inflexible. And if I do it right I feel like I got a full body massage.
This particular DVD is very modified; there are three women performing the exercises one in each trimester of pregnancy (all of them wearing full body unitards, I didn't even know they made maternity unitards). The first time I did the DVD I was early in my second trimester (my first trimester was spent largely lying down) and could follow along with the woman in her first trimester. I thought,
'Hey, this is great! I can do this!'
This time, at 18 weeks, things were a little different, I heard things popping, some muscles were sore, my knees felt loose, my belly was definitely squashed during the squats, and my feet felt more like a distant acquaintance. You sure would like to get in touch with them, but, gosh, it's just been so long.

I must say this pregnancy has been a lot different from my first one, where I cared about things like my pelvic floor, kegels, and caffeine intake...I mean really almost anything would send me to my copy 'What to Expect When Expecting,' flipping like a mad woman lest I hurt my unborn child. I ran up until fifteen weeks, then it just felt wrong and I was pretty sure that all those loosened joints, extra weight, and high impact movement would lead to a knee injury. Then I walked four to five times a week and actually lifted weights up until my third trimester. This baby is lucky if she gets one long walk a week. Did you pick up on the fact that I have only done that DVD three times in 18 weeks?
Funny how the ever present reminder of a healthy child relaxes you a bit during pregnancy. Like, look it worked out okay. Also funny how that ever present sucks up all your energy and time to exercise. I pretty much set my sights on my due date and decided that I would just be sluggish and miserable until this was all over. Fatalistic? Yes. Truthful? Yes. This pregnancy has hit me like a truck. Eight weeks of morning sickness, scratch that, anytime sickness, and bone crushing exhaustion has left little room for my 'get up and go' to take over.
Did I also mention that we have a very comfortable couch and cable? That certainly doesn't help.

There's also something about having that aforementioned ever present little one that sure doesn't allow you to rest. After an hour of 'playing' with Emma, in where she grabbed my finger looked up at me said,
“Pom, Mommy, pom,” that's 'come,' by the way. I followed her into her room, held her baby while she gave it milk, then she put the baby in it's cradle and repeated the process in all the rooms of our home. Which involved me standing up, walking, and sitting down repeatedly. I thought to myself,
'Who needs squats?' I'm a fan of natural exercise and parenting a toddler provides ample opportunities for such.
Anyway, I will do what I can with what I have and know that in the end no matter how out of shape I am I will find some way of fixing it. Hopefully....

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