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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Smoothie Recipes!

I don't think that I have ever really understood the smoothie craze. Is it snack or a meal? Some smoothie aficianados I know have said that 'yes,' it is both.

During this pregnancy I have been craving them. I don't know why. Anymore than I understand any other pregnancy craving that I have.
This Monday at my monthly appointment with my midwife she instructed me, that's right instructed me to drink blueberry smoothies.
'Why? That's weird medical advice,' you might think. We were having a discussion about my slowed down system and she had asked me where I was getting my fiber. I fumbled through a list of things I had eaten in the last few days, trying to prove that I know what I am doing with nutrition, in a very kind way she told me that I probably wasn't getting enough fiber. I told her I had been eating yogurt because even though it's not rich in fiber the live and active cultures are supposed to help. She nodded and suggested blueberry smoothies because their skins are a good source of fiber. I had drank one just the afternoon before.
Here's what I have come up with for what looks like a 12 oz. smoothie:

Blueberry Smoothie
1 banana
1/2 cup of blueberries
1/2 cup plain yogurt
3/4 - 1 cup juice (I've been orange, peach, mango because it's sweeter than just orange)
Squirt or two of honey if needed.
Blend, blend, blend. (You could also switch out milk for the juice and make a berries and cream smoothie)

There was a smoothie place in Santa Barbara that makes the best smoothies I'ev ever had. Wait, Lara, I thought you didn't like smoothies? I'm from Southern California, every now and then a smoothie just happens. They made one called The Peanut Butter, it was fantastic.
Wait, Lara, wouldn't a peanut butter smoothie just basically be a milk shake? Yes, yes, it is. Here is my approximation of their blended goodness:

Peanut Butter Smoothie
1 banana
1 cup yogurt
1-2 TBSP peanut butter
3/4 - 1 cup milk (I used almond milk, it's sweeter)
A squirting of honey (you'll want it for this one)
Blend, blend, blend. Mine turned out a bit dense, which I like, you could throw in ice cubes or more liquid if you like it thinner. I also used yogurt that I made which turned out thicker than any yogurt I have ever seen. (I will post about making yogurt later, once I have another batch under my belt and feel like I know what I am doing.)

Anyway drinking (I keep wanting to type eating) a smoothie every afternoon for a snack and adding 1/3 cup of a cereal called Bran Buds to my breakfast has revolutionized my pregnant life. No, Bran Buds are not all that tastey, but if I can finish the day not feeling like my abdomen is going to file for divorce if I don't change my evil ways I feel like I have won.

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Rachelle said...

I just recently discovered a peanut butter banana "shake" as I call it:) it tastes like dessert but is so good for you! Mine just has a couple variances...

1 sliced frozen banana (I stick mine in individual bags so it's easy and just reuse)
2 tblsp peanut butter
Milk (depending on the consistency you like)
2 tblsp oats (blended in food processor until powdery)

Sounds kind of weird, but it could be a good way to add fiber too!!! Try won't go back!!! ;)