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Monday, April 16, 2012

Miracle or Waste?

One thing that has struck me while re-integrating into American life is the amount of products that we have. Specifically the amount of specialized products. As I have tried to cut our budget I have looked at all these products and tried to decide what is necessary and what is not.

Personal care products are one of the places that I can fall into purchasing things I don’t need. I just recently read an article that pointed out products to splurge on and products to spend more frugally on; it also listed ten products that you can live without. Eye cream was on the ‘live without’ list, because there is no scientific evidence that we need a different product for underneath our eyes. I have been using eye cream for about four years now, once I crossed over the ‘closer to thirty’ line and started noticing that I was indeed getting fine lines around my eyes I figured that an inexpensive cream couldn’t hurt. I would rather do something and maybe, possibly prevent some wrinkles rather than do nothing at all. I ended up with a L’oreal product because it was the only one who promised to attack wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles whose price didn’t make my knees buckle. Does it help wrinkles? Doubtful. I think gravity always wins that one. Does it help dark circles? I don’t know. But I did notice that it seemed to suck up the puffy patches under my eyes. I think that’s worth it.

So this month I ran out of my eye cream and decided that I would see if it made a difference. This may have been the wrong month to try this experiment.
I remember the last night that I slept through the night. It was in October. A friend was visiting from out of town, I was still in my first trimester, and we were so busy that one night I went to bed and didn’t wake up until morning. It was glorious. No waking up to pee. No waking up to turn over. (Another friend calls that a three point turn, and, oh, how right she is.) No heartburn or indigestion keeping me from being truly comfortable. No insatiable back pain. Just sleep.
After catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror and doing a double take because I thought,
‘Oh dear, I look dead,’ I tucked my tail between my legs and headed back to CVS, coupon in hand, hoping for something reasonable that would work. Of course that particular CVS doesn’t carry the product I usually use so I stood, dumbly, in the aisle for about ten minutes trying to decide what promises creams and gels could actually keep. And, of course, trying to decide how much I am willing to pay. I ended up in the ‘all natural’ section holding a product that promised to de-puff you. It had a very ‘honest’ looking photo of a middle aged woman on the front, puffy and then not. I flipped it over and read,
“Do not smile or frown, or move your face for three minutes after applying this product.” Yikes! I put it down. That can’t be natural.
I ended up with something from Aveeno, a company I usually trust, and hoped for this little miracle in a jar to be, well, miraculous.

So what do you think, are these creams and things useless? Do they work? Do they help? Is it a waste of money?

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Anonymous said...

I'm a died-in-the-wool Aveeno fan. I've also read the research (I hit that 'close to 30 mark' several years ago...) so I too am a skeptic on the topic of eye creams. However, I found Aveeno's 'ageless vitality elasticity recharging system' at our local grocery outlet. Been using it for a little over 3 weeks now and really notice a difference. But, for the cost-conscious, I also recently read that Ann Curry dabs on a little Preparation H to tame puffy eyes :) Lina