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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Things I forgot.

"There's a ten old day baby in there!" I heard a nurse shout in the hallway. I think about four women came into 'meet' Carys while she napped in my arms waiting to meet her doctor. When we left Scott asked, “They don’t get many babies in there do they?” I had chosen a family doctor for us rather than a pediatrician for our children and then a separate doctor for us. This led to a short discussion on whether we should switch to a pediatrician or not. We still have not come to a conclusion. (Feel free to weigh in.) Is there nothing more precious than a newborn child? There is something that is unique about this sleepy short stage of life that makes the rest of us ‘grown ups’ go all gaga. As my body heals from birth, as I slowly rise out of pregnancy with the hormones leaving through a sort of reverse osmosis of sweat and tears I am reminded of all the things that I had forgotten about taking care of a newborn. 1. So floppy. Oh wow. I know, cognitively, that I am not going to break her but jeez when that head flops to the side it's just scary. 2. Breastmilk poo is adorable. Compared to what I have been wiping off my two year old this stuff is just plain cute. 3. So wonderfully sleepy. This passing out into a deep sleep all the time is great. I love it. 4. How can someone sit and stare at a child for so many hours, is that even possible? Yes it is. And yes we do. 5. Fingernails. Those tiny little virgin ovals. Never been cut, but so scratchy. 6. The delicacy of it all. How much of a miracle this is, that one little cell could have formed wrong and I wouldn’t have this child or one wrong choke and she would go home. 7. Cute sleep poses. The touchdown; both hands over head. The Olympian; one arm straight out and the other crooked by the head. 8. They make you stop. You have to sit to nurse and you get caught staring. You have to slow down a bit to take care of them. You might as well stop and smell the roses...or their sweet little heads. They are such little slugs. Incredibly cute little slugs.

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