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Saturday, June 16, 2012

My how things change

"All they want to do is nurse and be held all the time!  And you don't realize how easy that is until they get older!" Someone in my bible study said several weeks ago.

Last night Scott looked at me,
"So I need to buy athletic shorts...I was thinking that I could take Emma tomorrow and take her to see the puppies at the pet store and then go over to Dick's Sporting Goods," his words shone like spun gold in the air.
"Uh, Okay!"  I thought, 'I'll only have the baby, I can actually get stuff done!'

My how things change.  I remember the first time Scott left me alone with Emma.  I was terrified.  I'm not going to tell you how much he helped me with the first baby, I'm afraid angry housewives might show up at my door with pitchforks and drag him away.

So after a slow morning of pancakes and cuddles Scott left with Emma.  Carys had belly trouble (I think with Emma I referred to it as the fear inducing 'colic.'  Not colic, just having trouble pooping.), so I strapped her to me in the ErgoBaby (something about the vertical and belly to belly contact soothes babies and helps them poop and fall asleep), and then we walked to the library.  I was torn when I got there, now is my chance to whip through and be as task oriented as ever or do I loll and take my time and look at what they ACTUALLY have.  Alas, I was task oriented.  Some habits just never die.

This time around I have learned to nurse while eating at the table, while typing, and while putting my two year old in time out.  With the first I camped out on the couch bolstered by pillows.  Not this time, I soon figured out that only checking my email every three days wasn't an option.  Sometimes what I type one handed turns out looking like Albanian, but you do what you have to.

So now I am home, and laid Carys down to nap.  I think I just heard her cry.
Pooh, sometimes our agendas and their's just don't mix.

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