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Sunday, September 2, 2012


We cut our cable.  To save money.  Not because we’re better than anyone else.  Just broker.
That essentially means that I don’t watch TV.  Nothing on network really peaks my interest.  Well, not during the summer anyway.  I  have read about three books since.  Finished a painting, and blogged more.  This has been good for healthy creative production.

A friend of mine watches the Bachelor Pad.  A show that doesn’t peak my interest.  I looked at her one day, and said,
“What is it about that show?  Why…?”  She looked back and said,
“Same thing with you and Sister Love, it’s just trash,” oh.  I get that.  Some of you know this, I have a problem with TLC.  In that, I love it.  I watch that crap.  Like, a lot. 
No longer though.  NO trash for me.  Just healthy books and stuff.

Then it happened, someone shared an article on facebook from  I read it.  Then I clicked on another link and I read that.  And then another, and then another.  I feasted on the trash.  Like a one year old with their first piece of cake.  I shoved huge globs of trash in my mind.  Smeared it about on my cerebral cortex.  Until my computer got stuck in a pop-up.  Damn thing just kept popping up, I couldn’t get out of it.  I was so embarrassed.  Caught red handed.  I control alt deleted my mind out.  Finally it worked.  I just closed the internet and walked away.  No more.  Serves me right for eating all that trash.
Why do we need trash?  I keep thinking of pioneers, what did they do in the evening?  They didn’t surf the internet or watch loads of heinous TV to decompress.  They wittled or knitted.  Things some of us might consider work.  Or hard.  They might have just gone to bed.  Slept when it was dark, rose when it was light.  That makes sense, right? 
What’s happened to us?  Are we over entertained?  Is it the advent of electricity?  I would love to blame it on something as innocuous as Benjamin Franklin’s discovery.  I don’t think I can.  Are we de-sensitized?  Are we living vicariously?  . Do we do it to feel better about ourselves?
It's not one of these things, it's all of the above.  
We are over entertained.  Look at how much we pay our athletes and movie stars, we pay for what we value.  
Is it electricity?  Yep.  Because before it we would have had to do things by candle light, we would have been more connected to the outside world.  We would have more in their rhythms, rather than staying up late in the electrified boxes that our homes have become.
We are de-sensitized.  Look at the rise of shootings, is that because people are watching violent TV and playing violent video games.  Yes, it is.  A friend of mine said once that she would rather her children see sex on TV than violence, because at least sex is natural.  Violence is not.  A few years ago it might have shocked us to watch Hoarders, saddened us or upset us.  Now, we revel in the freak show...well some of us do.
Yes, we are living vicariously.  Maybe my friend is watching Bachelor Pad to reminisce about the one that got away.  Or to admire the romance and drama.  (That friend reads my posts, I'm sure she'll read this, and then think about it. She's cool like that, and I hope she tells me exactly why.)
I know that I do it to feel better about myself.  I may have too many possessions, but at least I’m not a hoarder.  
Is it really all that bad?
Yes.  Yes it is.  I don't think we need this.  You might say we need it to de-stress.  Do we?  Do we really?  After that internet trash fest I stayed up about a half hour later than normal because I couldn't stop myself then when I got into bed I was amped up from screen time.  I would have been better off just reading a book.  
But Lara what do you do on those nights when all you want to do is just veg out in front of the TV?  I read and then I end up in bed at some ridiculously early hour.  Which is probably good for me, because if all you want to do is sit and stare at something maybe you're just tired.
And I think the Bible says something about only putting good and wholesome things in front of your eyes...something like that....

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