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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My Fellow Americans

Hello fellow Americans.
I hope you voted today.
I assume that most of you can discern my political views from my blog, Facebook page, or just from talking to me.  I am pretty open about what I believe.  I do try to keep my mouth shut when I don't know what I'm talking about.  (What? She keeps her mouth shut?  I know, it's true.  My face turns red, my lips go purple, it's not pretty.)  Only because I used to get myself in so many debates where I was seriously outgunned.

This election I have become quite frustrated, this is the first election where I have been tuned into Facebook. From watching all the anger that gets posted I have realized that arguing with each other gets us nowhere.  Like when Scott and I start yelling at each other during an argument, we completely stop listening to each other.  I had one friend who's posts continuously made me angry, and, eventually, I realized that my posts probably made him angry.

I am not going to tell you who to vote for, you can probably guess for whom I cast my ballot.
And even if you don't agree with me I still hope you voted today.
I remember when I was a child and there was an election year.  I think it was for Clinton's term.  I remember all the adults running around about me, beating their breasts, gnashing their teeth, and threatening that the world would end if the candidate that they did not agree with got elected.  Then who ever it was got elected. And nothing happened.  My world did not change at all.  I still went to school.  We still had a house.  I was still a kid.

So that is what is going to happen.  Our country will still go on.  One candidate promises to uphold the status quo and another promises change.  Change or status quo, our country will go on.  Hopefully for the better and not for the worse.  Hopefully after all this we can all be friends again.

Let's remember this again in four years that no matter the political party that our new president will have that our country will still go on. Can we turn deaf ears to pundits who yell and call names and accuse?  Can we remember that we still want a nation for our children?  All of us do, regardless of whether or not we check the 'D's or the 'R's?
Can we remember that we are lucky to be able to take part in the political process of our country?  Can we remember that we are fortunate that when the new or old president takes over that will not be riots in the streets?  People will not die over the change of power.  Remember that we are lucky to have a peaceful state.
Can we be thankful that we can vote?  That we are allowed by our government to take part in the process.
Do you think we are capable of doing that?

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