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Thursday, December 6, 2012

More Moments

In January a friend of mine told me that it might take me longer to bounce back from my second child.  I shrugged and told her a few reasons why I should be fine.
Sometimes I'm just full of it.
Anyway seven months later my abdominal muscles are still stretched out and I have to fight my way through layers of fatigue to workout.  My regular four to five times a week still hover around two to four.  Four times is an amazing week.  Amazing.
Yesterday I finally found the time to do some leg and butt exercises from a magazine article that I ripped out of a Better Homes and Gardens.  I remember when I was younger I used to think the exercises in those features were 'a bit old lady,' a few weeks ago I saw this article and thought they looked difficult.  So either I'm getting older or those articles are getting better.  So I did the exercises, today I am so sore that I can barely sit down on any hard surfaces.  Squatting is a near impossibility, I must look like a rusty old gate creaking open and closed each time I move.
Do you know how often that you squat in a day caring for small children?
A lot.

This evening Emma convinced Scott to play 'cowboy' with her.  They came out of the room wearing various hats and using stuffed animals as their horsies.  Emma asked if I would play 'cowboy' with them, I was still feeding Carys her baby food so participation in 'cowboy' seemed, not only like my personal hell, but really not possible; unless we all wanted to listen to the baby scream while we gleefully rode 'ponies' around the living room.  Begrudgingly I ended up with a 'hat' perched on my head and a 'horsie' tucked in between my knees while I continued to spoon pureed apples into my squirming baby's mouth.  I look up, Scott makes eye contact with me and starts doing the 'horsey' from Gangnam Style.
I love that man.

My house is not baby proofed.  At all.  Emma is not really a getter into of things and cupboards.  For awhile I foolishly believed that this was because of our brilliant parenting, now I've talked to enough parents and had enough children rip my apartment asunder to know that some children just 'get into things' and some children don't.  Carys is going to be a getter.
Emma also rarely ever shouts the phrase, 'I can do it myself!'  I have heard so many parents talk about their child's rugged individualism as they refused to have mommy dress them at the fresh young age of two.  Emma could not care less.  She would much rather have you do everything for her.  I picture myself arriving in her dorm room to put her clothes on her.
"Do you want to wear this hoodie to class or this hoodie?"
Carys is going to be the 'I can do it myself,' kid.  I can see it already.
She is now eating about two jars of baby food a day.  Today while feeding her lunch she putting her hands in the way of my spoon.  I dodged around her whapping hands with a fully loaded spoon of orange goo, then it occurred to me...I just stuck the spoon in her hand.  Her little fingers closed around the spoon's handle and she gamely jammed it into her mouth.  Tongue squirming around exploring the spoon, back hunched in effort, feet wiggling in concentration, there it was, she fed herself.  I pried excited fingers off the spoon and re-orange goo, her hand was already outstretched.  In the spoon went again, her whole body hunching and wiggling in eagerness and concentration.
We worked it out.

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Nissa said...

This post made me smile... I already have a Carys. But you know this, bc my girl was one to whip through your house in no time flat and point out how you hadnt baby-proofed. remember? i stood in amazement that you had managed to keep Emma alive with those stairs? You're in for some funnnn! Now I just hope these next 2 are more like Emma in that they're not both getters! What's a pre-school co-op? I miss you.