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Monday, May 13, 2013

Every Last One of Us

Read this first
Thanks for that last post, I could've written it.  I wanted to scream reading your words because it so damn frustrating.  I can't get my poop together to write, paint or sculpt, and I can do all three rather well.  I can even sell it when I can do it and find time to market myself.
But here's the thing; we're all like that. Every single last one of us.

Laundry?  NOBODY likes folding laundry, I can get it clean but it sits in a slovenly pile in my living room for days until we give up and fold it.  (Then I always question how we can have so much clothing...)  Like a mocking Jabba the Hut
Cleaning?  I have been stepping on Cheerios for the last three days, each time I look down and say,
"But I just vacuumed this!"  I still haven't vacuumed.
Organization?  I have a pile of clothes that I keep walking by that needs to go in my maternity clothes box.  I have walked by it for two weeks.  I have promised said clothes to a pregnant friend.  You would think that promise would spur me on.  It hasn't.
Writing? I have two unfinished books that I have pecking away at for two years.
Painting?  Last year I completed two paintings.  Two in one year.  I think that's a new low.
Sculpting? I have two unfinished sculptures sitting in our storage.  I haven't set foot in a studio space in about four years.
Amazing educational activities for my children?  Let's not even start.....

Here's the thing though, we're all there.  Not one of us is perfect.  We are all failing at the expectations that we set up for ourselves or the expectations that we think we need to achieve.  Whether it's something we think we perceive in a friend's life ('Wow, her house is always clean.'  She probably just cleaned it before you got there.).  Some idiocy we saw on Pinterest.  Or something that we've done to ourselves.  It's there.

So what's the answer.  I am not going to pretend that I'm perfect and have solved this conundrum.  I haven't.  None of us have.  That's why so many of us write blogs, whatever the reason, I think we're all saying, 'Do you struggle with this too?'

I still want to change, I still want to get things done.  I try to do little things to change my habits.  I do something small and then pat myself on the back.  I wrote this blog.  Pat.  I swept and mopped the kitchen floor.  Pat.  I worked on a painting last night.  Pat.  I took my kids to the park.  pat.

Now, this afternoon's conundrum?  Do I wash my kids or my kitchen?


SBethuel said...

Let us struggle together! Thank you. It makes a world if difference to know we are not alone.

Lara Davis Barnett said...

No, Sarah, thank you!