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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Late Night Confessions

          Here's a true confession about blogging:  I just like writing.  All of the stuff that seems to come with blogging, like buttons, bloggy hops, linky parties, all of this stuff I just don't seem to understand.  If you didn't understand any of the terms that I just wrote you're not alone, because I don't either.

          I started blogging when we moved to Kenya to keep in touch with family back home.  I've always had a taste for writing, always liked it.  I used to save papers for the night before they were do and then bang them out under pressure, I kept telling myself that I would stop...but I kept getting A's.  So I just kept doing it.  (Lest you think I am bragging I am going to take this moment to confess that I had to go to summer school for every year that I took math in high school, I can write, but I can't do math.)  During a visit home from our sojourn in Kenya my brother pointed his finger at me, and said,
          "You're good at this, you could make money off this," my brother is often right about things.  (Brett did you read that, it's in writing, I just admitted it.  And I love you.)  After that conversation I monetized my blog (which means that if you click on the ads on the ads to your right I make money, so click away, please.)  and looked into this whole 'bloggy' thing.  In three years I have made one hundred dollars.  Awesome, I know, if I calculate how that divides up into an hourly wage....well, let's just say it's a good thing I failed math.  So, whilst this has not proved to be the most lucrative of endeavors, I enjoy it.  I just like writing.  I get these little thoughts in my head that I cannot get rid of and I am compelled to spit them out, for your enjoyment.
           I did go through a bit of a blog identity crisis, those that make money seemed to be themed.  Home decor, cooking, exercise advice, etc.  Not just, 'this is what Lara thought about when her daughter barfed on her on a United flight.'  Should I go in any one direction?  I decided not.  Because that is not who I am.  I do decorate my home (we just bought a house, so more of those crafty things will be coming).  I do cook.  I exercise.  But other people can tell you about those things, but they can't tell you what universal truth I experienced while being barfed on, only I know that.

           I've been nominated for three Leibster awards.  From the best that I can gather a Leibster award is when another blogger likes your blog and nominates you for this award.  You have to have less than a hundred followers to qualify for this award.  If you look to your right, you will see that I qualify.  I am a mere babe in the world of blogging.  You then put a link in your blog to their blog and answer about ten questions about yourself that the other blogger asks of you.  It's a clever networking tool.  I understand the value of networking.  I like networking.  And it is immensely flattering to have someone you don't know, out of the blue, tell you that they like your blog.  In the words of Sally Field,
         "You like me, you really like me!"
         So here I sit late at night, on a night when my mind wouldn't let me sleep, finishing off the dregs of a bottle of Shiraz, ticking off a task on my mental to do list.  I won't answer the questions that these ladies put forth, because you don't need me to go through 30 bullet pointed questions about my quirkiness, but I will direct you to their blogs.  Seeing into another's lives and thoughts makes us all feel a little more real, and little less alone, and isn't that what we're all about here in this bloggy world?

1.  Mommy's Heart ; heart wrenching, stories about being a mom without your mother.
2.  Up She Rises ; I actually do know Grete.  We went to college together.  I love her insights and her honesty, I only wish she would post more.
3.  Tinas Tidbits ; Tina writes quick honest shares about real life.

Thanks ladies, I raise this glass to you!

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Inspired Passions said...

Hi Lara,
I love your blog and you are a great writer. I like the post about the blogging. I have just started blogging and when I looked in to getting a few followers and noticed the blog hops and all I didn't realise how much competition and ways to promote your blog was there! lol I hope to stop doing that stuff and just enjoy blogging soon. Mmmm gets addictive though! lol Well keep up great work. Anita :)