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Monday, September 23, 2013

The New Norm of Tragedy

When someone tells me that they don't like Facebook or are taking a break, I get it.  If I didn't keep this blog I would forego the site at times.
Because sometimes I hate it.
I do.
Especially in times like this.  For the past few days there has been a hostage situation at a mall in Nairobi that I always used to go to.  In fact Scott and I used to comment that Westgate was where an attack would happen because so many westerners frequent there.  I remember sitting there in Artcaffe looking at the patio and picturing shattering glass, wondering where I would go if it came to that.
Then it did, it didn't happen to me, but it happened so close.
I wandered that mall while pregnant.  I took my daughter there.  My infant daughter there.
As CNN showed cell phone footage of someone running through Nakumatt, I recognized each aisle.  Each and every single step that person took, I have taken.
I have been on the periphery of so many tragedies lately, a former co-worker of mine, Jessica Buchanan Lindemalm, was kidnapped and held captive by Somali pirates, the Boston Marathon bombing, even Newtown (only one state away) felt awfully close, and now this.
When is it my turn?
When am I the one huddled over my child?
When am I the victim of terrorists or a crazed gunman?

Then I log onto Facebook.  Someone complains about something asinine, then there is a post about Westgate.  On it goes, asinine, tragedy, asinine, tragedy, asinine, tragedy...
It feels like whiplash from part of my worldview to the other.  Protected, it can't happen to us here, America, dangerous everywhere else.

The worse part is I have no idea what to do about it.  If I write letters for gun control in the US does that change anything?  If I raise money to educate youth in hot bed countries does that change the world fast enough.
If I write this blog, does it make a difference?

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Lori Edwards said...

My new motto is more focusing on Gods promises, scripture, worshipping him. Less news, politics , death , tragic news stories. I think its good to stay current on events but so easy get negative in light of all recent tragedies. Gun control.wont stop evil. We have run God out of every arena of lives yet wonder why all ramping up of evil acts. Our country was founded on christian principles but our fall is when we turn backs on God.