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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Under the Weather

This afternoon I performed my second rendition of a HIIT workout, High Intensity Interval Training.  I felt alternately like a goon and a stud while doing each exercise.  I tried to encourage myself by telling myself that not a lot of moms are in good enough shape to do this, that I look great compared to other women with two children.  Despite the extra belly jiggles and muscle failure on push-ups.

Afterwards I was so nauseous that I had to sit down.  Afterwards I was so nauseous and tired that I needed to go lie down.  Afterwards I was so nauseous and tired that I fell asleep for an hour.  Maybe that pumpkin curry for lunch was a bad idea....

Just when you think you're badass, you need to take a nap.

Scott was bewildered when I stood up, sweaty in my spandex and announced that I didn't feel well and needed to lie down.  He said,
"You haven't been feeling well a lot lately, what's going on?"  So my inner monologue meandered to wondering if I have cancer while I was trying to fall sleep, it sallied past 'maybe it's just that cold from last week,' and whipped around on a candy land board of anxiety back to cancer.  Through those twists and turns it wind about the fact that my family and I are currently sleeping in one large multi-purpose room all together.  In fact I was napping with my youngest child only a few feet away.
Let me explain...
This year in February we put an offer on a house.  It was accepted.  Yay!
The deal did not close until the end of July.  Boo.
But 'Yay!' because at least it closed, right?
The house is over a hundred years old.  Don't freak out, that's normal around here.
So we are getting it renovated.  Yay!  A house all done up just the way we want it, cause for celebration, right?
It is still being renovated and we really have no idea when it will be done.  Boo.
So since June we have have had four different temporary housing arrangements.  Boo.
But, they were all free.  Yay!
Currently we are staying in a house with twelve college students and their Resident Director.
You'll notice I didn't blog for the entire month of October. It's been taxing.
I do actually love the students.  They are hysterical.  They play with my children. They clean the house.  The cook dinner.
And we don't have much privacy to speak of.  And I sure would like to live in that house we bought.
Did I mention my clothes are in piles on a ping pong table?
Maybe that's why I've been feeling under the weather lately.
Did I mention that I wake up at night stressing out about paint colors?  I think I bought an entire gallon of the WRONG green.
Does Home Depot take paint back?
Maybe I will still use it....
Did I mention that my husband and I are sleeping on a blow up mattress?
I guess I should remind myself that I am lucky to have a house, that I am privileged to have bought a home and to get to decorate it.
Because it's true.

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Kate @ how to find a man said...

Hey Lara,

I tried HIIT and got annihilated.

my heart cant handle it. I felt like I was gunna have a heart attack.

I'm back to swimming now.

Have you tried that? It's fun. And the kids love the water too!

Maybe it will be a way to escape all those college students and have some time you can call your own? The pools are usually really empty the mornings and afternoons.